Are Love Is Blind’s Bartise And Nancy Still Together?

Love Is Blind’s Bartise And Nancy: Love is Blind is back for season 3 and the first four episodes came out on October 19. So, pop some popcorn and get your golden goblets ready, because this season is one to watch.

For those who haven’t tried LIB yet, 30 singles (this time from Dallas, Texas) talk to each other through walls while sitting in little pods and going on dates. They can’t see each other until they get engaged, at which point they are taken on a trip with their partner and the other people still in the competition. Then, in “the real world,” they have less than a month to decide if they want to put a ring on it…for good.

Bartise and Nancy are one of the couples in Love is blind season 3 who make it to the real world. When they were in their “pods,” these two cuties got along right away. However, when they were face-to-face and not talking through a “pod” wall, things got rough.

What Happens In The Pods With Bartise And Nancy?

Bartise, who is a senior analyst and Nancy, who is a speech pathologist, stand out right away. Bartise is so cute that he quickly moves to the top of the list of many other contestants. And Nancy is a queen who is sure of herself, so the pair makes sense.

Nancy and Bartise
Nancy and Bartise

Bartise thinks Nancy has a cute voice and Nancy thinks he has a lot of energy. They also both speak Spanish, so they get along right away. The two also talk about how many kids they want to have. Nancy says she’d be a great mom to 10 kids, but Bartise doesn’t seem too interested.

But Bartise Also Connects With Another Contestant

Raven, who teaches pilates and Bartise flirt with each other a lot in the pods. Bartise says that they are “basically the same person” because Raven calls herself a “serial worker-outer.” They get to know each other better when Raven brings yoga balls into the pods for a date. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough to keep them together.

Raven, who is also talking to contestant SK Alagbada, turns down Bartiste in the end. Also, Read Love is Blind Season 3Spoilers

Nancy And Bartise Struggle With Their Age Gap

Nancy is worried about Bartise’s age, which is only 25, which seems like a repeat of a season 1 problem.

When he tells her that he is younger, Nancy pauses for a long time and says that she wouldn’t normally go out with a man that young.

And then there’s the fact that Nancy had a big crush on another cast member, Andrew Liu before she chose Bartise. After watching the episodes again, Bartise told Women’s Health, “The last 10 people took the experiment as seriously as they could, but I can’t speak for the other 20.”

This information came from a poll. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format, or you might find more information.

They Get Engaged

At the end of their time in the pods, this age difference doesn’t seem to matter much (or Nancy makes an exception for Bartise), since these two are happily engaged. Their “first look” is a very sweet moment.

love is blind bartise and nancy

Bartise talked to Women’s Health about the ring-selection process after the first four episodes aired. She explained how the men choose the special bling. “I think we had a choice of seven to ten rings to rate based on the pod date,” he tells WH. “That’s something you would talk about with your potential fiancé on a pod date: what kind of ring do you like?” “So, the guys had to rate which ones they thought their women would like the most.”

Congratulations to the couple! Now, let’s move on to the real world.

The Trailer Hints That There’s Trouble In Paradise.

Even though the trailer shows Nancy walking down the aisle, it looks like this couple will face some pretty big problems in the next few episodes.

Bartise says, “I’m interested in more than one woman right now.” Then, Nancy breaks down in tears and says, “The person I love doesn’t love me.” Oof.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise And Nancy: Are They Still Together?

The first four episodes don’t look good for Bartise and Nancy, but they have a lot of physical chemistry.

On their first trip together, they get into a fight when Bartise tells her he likes Raven, his old Pilates crush, and then adds that Nancy is not the kind of girl he usually goes for. Yikes. But a lot can happen between now and the time they get married.

There aren’t a whole lot of clues on social media about the status of their current relationship, but I did find a few things:

A quick look at Instagram shows that Nancy follows Bartise, but Bartise doesn’t follow her back, which seems strange. Also, neither of them has liked any of the other’s photos. Even though they are friends on Venmo, neither of them has paid the other yet…

The verdict is still out on this, but you can count on me to keep my eyes and apps open.

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