Sid Toy Story: What Happened In It? See Complete Information Here!

A hidden Easter egg in Toy Story explains what happened to Sid following the events of Toy Story. Woody and Buzz Lightyear returned in the third instalment of Pixar’s popular animation series, but this time for an entirely different kind of adventure. The plot of Toy Story  centres on Andy’s decision to go college and the toys being accidentally given to Sunnyside Daycare. This is the point at which Woody and his friends come face to face with the villainous stuffed animal in charge of the operation, Lotso Huggin Bear.

The introduction of Lotso in Toy Story  maintained the franchise’s good track record of introducing memorable villains and villainous characters. He represented the dark side of toys that have been abandoned by their original owners, and he was a far cry from the villains of Toy Story 2, Al McWhiggan and Stinky Pete, who were both portrayed as sympathetic. Toy Story, on the other hand, began off with a totally different sort of antagonist. While the majority of the film is devoted to Woody and Buzz’s rivalry, the real danger that they and the other toys face comes from Sid, the disturbing kid next door who enjoys Frankensteining toys together.

Sid’s storey came to a close in Toy Story when Woody and the other toys came to life in front of him, scaring the toy bully to death and bringing him to tears. Despite the fact that Toy Story 2 makes no mention of Sid or what happened to him after this terrifying event, a Toy Story 3 Easter egg provided the solution to the mystery. Sid had a brief cameo appearance in the film, which some viewers could have missed. In the event that Woody believes that Andy’s mother has thrown away his fellow toys, he dashes to the trash can in order to save them before the garbage truck arrives. During this sequence, the garbage man can be seen wearing a black shirt with a white skull on it underneath his work clothes, which he wears for the most part. A few years later, this trash guy turns out to be Toy Story’s Sid, who is still sporting the same clothing from his boyhood.

Sid Toy Story

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A small portion of Sid’s life after Toy Story is shown in the Toy Story 3 easter egg, but it is better than nothing at this point. Even though being a garbage man may not appear to be a glamorous job to most people, Sid appears to be enjoying himself when he is shown in Toy Story 3. The former Toy Story villain appears to be content with his life, which includes listening to music and collecting other people’s garbage. Also, given Sid’s history of destroying things as a child, it makes sense that he would take pleasure in something like this. He is now being compensated for picking up items from all over the city and crushing them with the garbage truck.

Additionally, there are some additional details about Sid’s life that can be gleaned from his appearance in Toy Story 3. Given that Sid works as a garbage collector in the same neighborhood where he grew up, it is reasonable to assume that he has never left the city. It’s even possible that he’s still living with his family and is still Andy’s next-door neighbour all these years after the events of Toy Story 3.

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Alternatively, he could have dropped out of college or be attending a local school in order to keep his job and be closer to his mother and sister. It’s exciting to discover that little Easter egg in Toy Story 3, even if the film doesn’t reveal much about Sid’s past. It also demonstrates how much care Pixar puts into each of its films.

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