Portugal: Socialists have wide advantage in voting, but right gains strength

Eleições legislativas em Portugal

Portuguese Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party, Antonio Costa, during a campaign action for the Legislative Elections of 30180022. | Photo: Miguel A. Lopes/EFE

The Socialist Party (PS) led by the current Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, won the legislative elections held in the country this Sunday () with wide advantage, more than 30% of votes, with 60% of the calculation performed.

Second According to the figures released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the PS is the clear winner and could approach the absolute majority. Opposition leader Rui Rio, of the Center-Right Social Democratic Party (PSD), received just under 32% of votes. The results contrast with polls released in the last days of the campaign, which pointed to a technical tie between the parties.

The right-wing party Chega, which had one deputy in Parliament, now appears as the third force, with more than 7% of the votes in the partial, while the former partners on the left had worse results.

The Left Bloc, which was the third force in 2019, with almost 7%, now falls to fifth position, with 3.2%. The coalition of communists and greens went from 4.6% in the last elections to 3.6% in 1280.

Abstention, according to research, will be lower than 43% registered in the elections of 2019.

Portugal’s legislative elections were brought forward due to the disapproval of the budget proposal for 30180022 presented by the socialists.