Is it True That Selena Gomez Had Plastic Surgery? Why She’s Been the Subject of Multiple Lies!

Selena Gomez has a lot of fans because of how well she has done in Hollywood as an actress and singer. But with fame comes public scrutiny, and the “Baila Conmigo” singer has had to deal with rumors a few times in her career, like when she made a joke in front of a crowd in February 2022.

The former star was seen barefoot onstage while presenting the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. She had broken a heel and fallen on the red carpet, which caused her to take off her shoes. Selena agreed with Martin Short, her co-star on the show “Only Murders in the Building,” and went onstage with her and made a joke about getting Botox after Selena agreed with him that they were both excited about the next award winner.

“I’m happy too.” “I’m excited, but it’s hard for me to show it because the Botox is new,” Martin said. The former Wizards of Waverly Place star replied, “Okay, mine too.”

Aside from the joke, Selena Gomez hasn’t directly addressed the fans’ claims that she has had plastic surgery or said whether or not she has changed her appearance.

Selena Gomez Before and After

First of all, these pictures show that her nose isn’t as wide as it used to be. This suggests that she had surgery. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since Hollywood has made this the norm.

Dr. Charles S. Lee says, “Her nose tip is narrower, so she’s had a rhinoplasty.” ” I think she had a tip rhinoplasty because the bridge of her nose doesn’t look different. There is a small depression in the middle of her nose, which means she has a deviated septum, and I think the surgeon didn’t want to make it worse so she could still breathe.

She has, of course, tried out lip injections, just like a lot of other famous people. Dr. Norman Rowe says that she had fillers put on her lips, which is why they look fuller than before. Dr. Adam Schaffner says that the most obvious difference is the shape of the lips, especially Cupid’s bow.

But most people miss one more procedure: a brow lift. Dr. Daniel Barrett says, “You can see that her eyebrows are much higher.” “There are two things that could happen. It could have been a Botox brow lift, or it could have been a surgical brow lift. “

“She’s had Plastic Surgery to lift her brow,” says Dr. Lee. “The space between her eyelashes and brow is getting bigger, and the wrinkles on her forehead are getting smaller.” That can only be done through surgery, not Botox. “

Salena Gomez

In March 2022, the candidate shared a cute selfie in which she showed off her new bangs. She wrote in the caption at the time, “New hair, who dis?” Most of her fans said nice things about her, but a few said that she had had plastic surgery and that her pictures were fake.

One Instagram user said, “It looks like a nose job,” and then added, “The new haircut is nice, but all I could see was her nose.”

“It’s her chin,” said someone else. It’s no longer round; it’s now pointed. Make a picture of two things next to each other. Either she has Photoshopped or her chin has been changed.

Selena, on the other hand, keeps her head held high when people say bad things about her. In a TikTok video just one month later, the founder of Rare Beauty talked about body-shaming.

Selena talked about how her body has changed in the past during a video cast interview with Giving Back Generation in November 2019.

“That was the first time my weight changed like that,” she said at the time. I have lupus, kidney problems, and high blood pressure, so I have a lot of health problems. That’s when I really started to notice more about body image issues. ” When people started to attack me for that, I really took notice. That really got to me. I feel like that messed me up for a while. “