Reedeming Love: What About The Storyline? Everything You Need To Know!

Redeeming Love is a historical romance novel by Francine Rivers set in the 1850s California Gold Rush. Hosea, a book of the Bible, is the main source of inspiration for the story’s central theme: God’s redeeming love for sinners. D.J. Caruso will direct an adaptation for the big screen in 2020. Since its publication in 1991, the book has sold over three million copies worldwide and been translated into thirty different languages.

Reedeming Love Story

The story starts in New England around 1835. Sarah Stafford meets her father Alex Stafford for the first time. Mae’s romance with Stafford resulted in the birth of their daughter Sarah when she was only six years old. Having the baby aborted was a proposal made to Mae, but she refused it. Mae was devastated by Alex’s decision to break up with her. However, Sarah hopes Alex never returns, and wonders whether she was to cause for his death.

Soon after, Mae’s housemaid Cleo grudgingly accompanies Sarah on a covert beach meeting with Alex, who is hiding on the sand from Sarah and her friends. There is a well-known brothel where Sarah joins Cleo, who has a well-known male companion. After a few beers with Sarah, she agrees to have sex with him. Cleo convinces a scared Sarah that guys don’t care about women since they just want to have sex with them when she is half-drunk.

In the dockside cottage where she and Sarah end themselves, Mae begins prostitution as a way of survival. Scepticism from Sarah’s colleagues stems from her distinguished history. Sarah learns from this interaction how to mask her emotions and present a stern front.

At age eight, Sarah is left alone with an inebriated alcoholic named Rab when her mother Mae succumbs to a serious illness. He’s trying to find a place to put the boy, but Rab isn’t sure what to do with him. When he encounters a man looking for a young girl to serve as an heiress to a wealthy family, he offers to assist him in his endeavours. Rab sees this as the ideal chance to take Sarah on a tour of the city’s more wealthy neighbourhoods. Rab is begged by a woman at the door to take Sarah away from him and never come back. Rab’s attempts to persuade him differently are futile. Sarah is the perfect fit for this affluent man. Wait in my master bedroom upstairs until he comes, she says them.

In the moments after Duke’s greeting of Sarah and Rab, Rab is brutally slain in front of Sarah’s own eyes and dumped in an alley nearby. Serial paedophile Duke was looking for a fresh victim rather than a new daughter. During their conversation, Duke and Sarah (now known as Angel) discuss the many things they want to teach one other. His very first “lesson” is given to her that same night.

Ten years later, Angel leaves Duke on a ship and heads to Los Angeles, where she lives with her mother and sister. After being robbed and having to choose between being raped or prostituting herself, she disembarks in San Francisco with nothing except the clothes she is wearing. Angel is taken in by ‘The Duchess,’ who runs a high-end brothel in Pair-a-Dice called The Palace. Duchess staff member Angel is subjected to constant surveillance and her modest pay are withheld. Her only solace comes from Lucky, a fellow prostitute who is often inebriated. Seeing Lucky, Angel’s mother, rekindles old feelings.

Michael Hosea meets Angel for the first time while selling fruit at Pair-A-Dice. Michael makes the decision to stay as soon as he receives the word from God. The news that Angel is a prostitute terrifies Michael, to say the least. To win Angel’s hand in marriage, he spends much for her services, all in the hopes of winning her heart. She flatly refuses to consider his offer. Though he’s disheartened, Michael keeps going through with the plan despite his reservations. In order to stop the discussion, he chooses to pay her fee for another three nights. Angel maintains a caustic and icy demeanour in an effort to escape the pain her words have caused. Meanwhile, she can’t stop thinking about Michael and how excited she is about life outside the Palace she is starting to become.

After the last night with Angel, Michael decides to leave Pair-A-Dice since the situation has become too much for him. After ignoring God’s instructions for a few days, he returns to Pair-A-Dice. As the Duchess’s personal bodyguard, Magowan murdered Angel with a severe beating. As a last ditch effort to preserve Angel’s life, Michael pops the question to her and begs for her hand in marriage so he may take her to his cabin. A barely audible “Why not?” is all Angel can muster.

After a long journey, Angel finally arrives to Michael’s cabin to recuperate. Angel will put up with the arrangement as long as it serves her needs. So long as he has his new wife and God, he has no option but to put up with Angel’s erratic behaviour. Michael’s widowed brother-in-law Paul returns home after gold panning in the Sierra Nevada. Paul recognises Angel as a Palace prostitute the moment he sets eyes on her. In Paul’s mind, Angel cheated on Michael, which is why he treats her badly. Any mention of Angel’s job by Paul simply serves to aggravate Michael more. To Paul, the marriage of Michael and Angel was a result of Michael’s desire for a prostitute, and he thinks he had no idea that she was one. Paul and Michael’s rift is primarily created by Michael’s passion for Angel, who doesn’t care about her background and is creating the tension between the two.

Upon her recovery from her wounds, Angel plans to return to the brothel and reclaim her stolen money from the Duchess, whom she claims spent it on the clothing and food she purchased from the establishment. It seems to Angel that Paul’s departure from the gambling establishment in order to sell his farm’s produce is a way to flee. Paul’s waggon is her constant companion when Michael is out in the field. He’ll take her for free if she’ll only give him her own body as payment. Afraid of what she’ll do next, he hopes it’s the last time he sees her in public.

When she returns to Pair-A-Dice, the Palace has burned to the ground, killing her closest friend Lucky and another prostitute named Mai Ling. Because she has no other options, she is forced to return to her previous occupation as a prostitute. However, despite her dislike of the label, she has no other means of earning a living. Angry Michael catches her with another patron in an overcrowded bar. They have to fight their way out.

Afterward, they return to the cabin, where Michael prays for comfort as he tries to come to terms with his betrayal. In spite of “God’s truth” warnings, Angel finds herself falling in love with Michael despite his previous history of betraying and abandoning women. Because she’s never allowed herself to love somebody, she has no idea what’s going on. No matter how icy she becomes, Michael’s love for her will never waver. That is what I’d want to show you,” he informs her after showing her a sunrise. Anxious to inform Michael that she’s starting to become a little nostalgic, Angel keeps her feelings to herself. She is humiliated to no extent by her perceived “uncleanness.”. However, she is unable to see herself as worthy of Michael’s love since she has been softened by it. No of how frequently they’ve been together, Angel has no concept what it feels like to have a sexual encounter on par with Michael’s in terms of intensity and intensity (“And she soared, Michael with her, into the sky…”).

An old cannabis trader provides her a ride from Los Angeles to Sacramento, where she is on the run again. She remains with Joseph Hochschild since he is a friend of Michael’s and has built a new company with him. While looking for a job in Sacramento, they reunite. As a member of the family company, she works with her husband and mother. Adding insult to injury, Joseph keeps her entertained while an order for Michael is placed, forcing her to wait even longer. Just as she’s about to leave the office, she sees Michael standing at the doorway, waiting for her. The fear of being in a relationship with him comes out, and he reassures her and brings her back to her own house. He’s taken care of her fears.

The Altmans, who were stranded on the side of the road owing to a broken wheel, welcome them back to the valley. Their waggon is repaired at Michael’s cabin, where they are invited to remain. Angels reveal that they first encountered Michael at a brothel, and they are amazed that they exhibit compassion for her instead of disdain. A strong friendship develops between Miriam (the family’s oldest daughter), who lives on the other side of town from her family, and Paul (Paul’s neighbour). Angel is certain that Miriam and Michael have feelings for one another after seeing their conversation, and she believes that their relationship would be better than hers with Michael! Paul has feelings for Miriam, despite the fact that he doesn’t want to see Michael and Miriam get married. He hides his feelings because he wants to see Michael with Miriam instead of Angel.

Flashbacks show that she had two pregnancies as Duke’s heiress. Procedures were put in place to ensure that she would never get pregnant again after the second miscarriage was terminated. Angel tells Michael about this later, and he is heartbroken. To get back at him for abandoning her mother, he visited her brothel and had intercourse with her father. – She feels terrible about how cold she was to him. She hopes that Michael would marry Miriam and have a family of his own, as she knows he longs for and feels awful for not doing so. For the second time, Angel leaves her wedding ring behind. Even though he feels betrayed, Michael tells Angel that if she rejects his advances, he would not seek her again.

This time, Angel makes a stop in San Francisco. Virgil, a compassionate man, hires her right away once she arrives. He employs her as a cook in his cafe, and he takes care of all of her expenses. After months of hard labour, a fire destroys the café and all of Angel’s money and possessions. When she hears Duke’s voice greeting her while the fire rages in the street, Angel is overcome with emotion. Because of Angel’s worry for Virgil, who seems to be cautious of Duke, she chooses to return with him.

Angel is expected to continue her prostitution career once again under Duke’s control. A week of prostitution will suffice for Duke, on the other hand, and he wants Angel to supervise his potential “companions.” Angel is of the same opinion. Angel is expected to be greeted by a swarm of males. She prays to God from the depths of her soul in a battle of the mind. She’s raring to go and put on a show for the men. At that moment, the voice of God tells her to sing “Rock of Ages,” and she begins to sing it in front of an awestruck audience. On stage, she is joined by a gray-haired man who sings with her. When she can’t remember the lyrics, he finishes the song.

Afterward, Duke chastises Angel for his performance. In contrast, a stranger in the crowd sings him a greeting. The first time Duke touches Angel will result in his hanging. As they leave, the guy assists in the rescue of two more young girls who were being held captive by Duke. People in the brothel become enraged when they see Angel with the two young girls and destroy the place. The man’s wife and daughter care for the children there. Banker Jonathan Axle, who saved her, is well-known and well-respected in the Christian community and has a sizable fortune. While attending church with the Axle family, Angel feels a strong sense of belonging.

While Angel is away, Miriam confesses her love for Paul to him, and the two get married while he is gone too. Although Angel has not returned, Michael remains hopeful. For some reason, Miriam is still unable to get Paul to go and find Angel, even though she begs him to.

In the end, Angel accepts Christ as her Lord and Savior. With prostitutes, she assists them in changing their behaviour and learning new skills that may help them earn a living in the long run.. Susanna Axle, the father’s daughter, assists her mother in running the boarding house.

As a result of Paul’s reconciliation with Miriam, he decides to head to the Bay Area in search of Angel. When he sees her with an elderly man, Jonathan Axle, it appears to him that she is still a prostitute. Out of sheer rage, he concocts stories to try and shield Miriam from learning that Angel is a prostitution client. However, on the next day, he decides to confront Angel in the comfort of his own house. His initial reaction is one of suspicion and dismissal, but he is pleasantly surprised by the sincerity with which she expresses her love for Michael. After learning this shocking information, he decides to find out why she dumped Michael in the first place: she wanted him to marry Miriam so that they could start a family. Her entire world comes crashing down when she discovers that Paul has a wife named Miriam, and that Michael hasn’t given up on seeing her after three years.

Her decision to return to Michael after leaving Susanna in charge of the house has finally come to an end. Suddenly, she bursts into the field and weeps at his feet. It breaks her heart to think of all the pain Michael has endured because of her death. She admits that her real name is “Sarah.” To Michael’s tears, the name she has been given is a sign from God that they will one day be able to have their own family. Michael accepts her (the Sarah in the Bible was a barren woman who, by the grace of God, was eventually able to have a son). Finally, a new chapter has opened in their lives.

They had four children after their marriage, according to the epilogue.

Reedeming Love

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Reedeming Love Composing And Distributing

While writing historical romances before 1986, Francine Rivers was converted to Christianity by a little boy who lived next door and invited her to church.
After three years of silence following her conversion, Rivers was inspired to write the story of Hosea when she came across him.
As Bantam books published it in 1991, the book quickly became a best seller. A few years later, Rivers was able to obtain the rights to her work and make the necessary modifications, such as adding a baptism scene and having Angel convert to Christianity. In 1997, the book was reissued by Multnomah Publishers.

Last Words-

From the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, Redeeming Love was awarded the ECPA Gold Book Award in 2005 and the ECPA Platinum Book Award in 2009.  Amor Redentor, the Spanish translation of Redeeming Love, received a Retailers Choice Award in 2009 for its influence on both employees and customers as one of 2009’s “best new Christian goods.”

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