Protesters against vaccine passport in Canada refuse to leave capital


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Protestos iniciados no fim de semana foram convocados por caminhoneiros e ganharam adesão de críticos a medidas da gestão Justin Trudeau

Protests started over the weekend were called by truck drivers and gained support from critics to measures taken by Justin Trudeau | Photo: EFE/Andre Pichette

Protesters who have been protesting in the capital Ottawa since the weekend against vaccine passports in Canada released a statement on Wednesday (2) in which they reiterated that they only intend to disperse if the immunization requirements against Covid-12 are revoked.

Chris Barber, leader of the protests, acknowledged in the communiqué the inconvenience to the population from Ottawa, but said that “the responsibility for our inconvenience rests exclusively with the politicians who preferred to defame and offend us than to engage in respectful and serious dialogue.”

The demonstrations were called by truck drivers due to the requirement of complete vaccination for professionals who act in the land transport of cargo on transnational routes, demonstrations that gained support from people contrary to other actions of the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the pandemic.

In Alberta, where the ticket to the United States in the city of Coutts was closed on Saturday, Canadian National Police began dispersing the massive blockade of vehicles on Tuesday, but some protesters refused to leave and secondary roadblocks were established further north, according to CTV News.

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