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Who is Paul Anderson’s Wife? Know More About The Loving Relationship

You may have known Paul Anderson from his iconic role as Arthur Shelby Jr. in the legendary series “Peaky Blinders,” but the actor is much more than that. He is a celebrated actor and director who has become the favorite of fans of all age groups.

His charm impressed so many that everyone is eager to know if Arthur Shelby is married in real life. We know, you do not want to hear this may be, but Paul Anderson is very much happily married. But who is Paul Anderson’s wife? Is it someone familiar or does she stay hidden from the media? Well, you wanted to know about Paul Anderson’s wife and we have all of that information.

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Who is Paul Anderson’s Wife?

We know how eager are you to know about Paul Anderson’s wife. Let us get straight to the point as you may know her from the HBO documentary “Showbiz Kids”. Paul Anderson’s wife is none other than Milla Jovovich and she has been growing up in Hollywood only, under the constant scrutiny of the public eye.

She is a Ukrainian-born American actress, singer, model, and even a fashion designer who has a huge net worth of $80 million. She is a successful model who even has her own production company. Paul Anderson’s wife is known for her impeccable skills and works in films like “The Fifth Element” and “The Resident Evil” franchise.

However, Paul Anderson’s wife was known way before her TV appearances. She was a child actor. Though she had a celebrated career, Paul Anderson’s wife always wanted to “play with dolls” rather than spending her time on the sets. Ander who is a successful director and screenwriter as well had an interesting love story that they still recall.

When Did Paul Anderson’s Wife And The Actor Meet?

In 2002, Paul Anderson’s wife and the talented star met each other on the sets of “Resident Evil”. During an interview, Jovovich said, “This whole experience has been such a huge part of my life not just as an actor but on a personal level with my husband and two kids.” 

Their love started there and then in 2003, Anderson finally proposed to her to marry him and later become Paul Anderson’s wife. Of course, the love birds couldn’t stay away from each other and agreed to continue their love life. The couple stayed engaged for many years and had their first child in 2007. They initially didn’t think about starting a family but with a baby on board, Paul Anderson’s wife and the actor decided to tie the knot.

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When Did Paul Anderson And Milla Jovovich Get Married?

In 2009, Milla became Paul Anderson’s wife. Both of them were initially married but this relationship was meant to last a long time. The couple had their second in 2015 and also a third child in 2020. The family kept expanding and so did their love. The names of their children are Osian, Ever, and Dashiel. In 2019, they celebrated their love and marriage that completed 10 years. In August, Jovovich took to Instagram to confess how lucky she is to be Paul Anderson’s wife. 

Paul Anderson's wife
Paul Anderson’s wife

The sweet post read as, 

“What a joy it’s been living life with you for so many years!” she wrote. “What a whirlwind, what a journey, what a truly incredible and epic experience it’s been! When I look at the picture of us when we first met, I can’t believe it’s possible that I found such a special man all those years ago, one that has loved me non-stop, through thick and thin, that has loved being in a relationship with me for so many years, that has adored and completely embraced the experience of having children and been by our side every minute of every day.” 

Many relationships broke apart during the pandemic but the Andersons kept growing stronger. Milla is proud to be Paul Anderson’s wife and his recent success as Arthur Shelby Jr. is making her swoon over her man more. We wish that the couple stays this happy and together forever. Paul Anderson’s wife and his beautiful life may keep growing like this, always!

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