RHOA Star’s Mike Hill And Cynthia Divorce Settlement

Documents from a Fulton County, Georgia, court show that Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have settled their divorce case.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, who is 55, and the Fox Sports host, who is 52, seemed to be able to go their separate ways because they had their own money.

According to the agreement filed on Thursday, Bailey and Hill own and live in two different homes and have their own insurance and retirement plans.

They both refused to pay alimony to each other.

In the agreement, Hill, the defendant in the case, says that “the marriage is irreparably broken.” Both sides agree in the documents that there is “no chance of reconciliation.”

Mike Hill And Cynthia Divorce
Mike Hill And Cynthia Divorce

Bailey signed the settlement agreement on November 1, and Hill did the same on October 20.

The reality star and the Black News Channel host filed a motion to seal future records on Thursday. They said they are “public figures” and have a “grave interest in protecting both their privacy and mental health.”

The request says, “The parties say that there are some private things about the end of their marriage that may raise questions about the moral character or embarrassing acts of one of the parties.”

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“These facts are thought to have a high chance of hurting one or both parties’ reputation, image, and business dealings. They will also hurt the parties significantly on the mental, psychological, financial, and emotional levels.”

According to the court records, the divorce case is still open and has not been settled yet. There is a hearing set for January 5.

Even though “embarrassing acts” may come out during their divorce, the former couple announced their split in a friendly statement on social media at the beginning of October. “LOVE is something beautiful. We’ll always love each other, but we’ve decided to go our separate ways,” the statement said.

“We’re glad we’re still good friends, and we’ll always remember all the good times we had as husband and wife.” Bailey later told Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge on their podcast “Two Ts in a Pod” what caused them to break up.

The “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” alum said, “I felt like we were no longer friends.” “I thought we would stop being friends if we didn’t put the brakes on. “I’ve been here before. I think there have to be friends in marriage. Like, love is great, but you also need friends. I want to be with my best friend more than anything.”

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