Josh Flagg Divorces His New Boyfriend: The Reason Behind Their Breakup?

After breaking up with Bobby Boyd, Josh Flagg recently went public with his new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer. The TV star said he was dating Beyer in an Instagram story where the two can be seen kissing at a restaurant.

Flagg and Boyd broke up in March 2022, but Flagg said in an interview that they had broken up a few months before the Instagram post. He agreed that he was seeing someone else and said,

“After Bobby and I broke up, I did start going out with someone else. I didn’t want to date because I was already married. Before Bobby and I divorced, we never went out on a date.

Flagg and Boyd are still friends even though they are no longer together. On Instagram, Boyd also wrote,

“This might end our relationship, but I’ll always consider him a family member. Joshua, I love you and want nothing but happiness and love for you.”
About Josh Flagg’s new boyfriend, in short, Since Josh Flagg and his new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer made their relationship public, they have become a hot topic on the internet. They have been friends for five years. At first, they were just friends, but then they started dating. From what Flagg says,

josh flagg divorce new boyfriend
josh Flagg divorce new boyfriend

“We both did it. We have known each other for a while. It just worked out that way. I like him, and he’s a very nice person.”

Beyer is also a real estate agent. He works at the Aaron Kirman Group in Los Angeles, a brokerage. He went to USC and is good friends with Olivia Jade, a big deal on social media. There is still more to learn about Andrew’s family and career.

Josh Flagg And Bobby Boyd’s Relationship Timeline

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd got engaged in 2016 and married at the Beverly Hills Hotel the following year. But in March 2022, Flagg confirmed on Instagram that they were no longer together.

“Bobby and I are going to split up. This may sound rude, but I wanted to be honest immediately instead of hiding the headline. This was not a quick or rash choice. Before coming to this decision, we gave it a lot of thought. It wasn’t because we didn’t love each other; we went in different directions and wanted very different things.”

Flagg said that he loves and respects Bobby and cares much about Boyd. In the end, he said thanks to everyone.

Bobby replied that he would always be thankful for the fact that he knew Josh. He said that he and Josh had tried for a few months to find a solution and added,

“We didn’t want most of our friends and family to know about this because we wanted it to be between us. If there’s one thing I can say about both of us, we did everything we could to make this work.”

He is a real estate agent, a TV personality, an author, and a contributor to many real estate publications and news sources. He is also known as Joshua Daniel Flagg.

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