‘Marvel Snap’ Card Game Reviewed: We Need to Get Nerdier

Since Marvel Snap came out a little over two weeks ago, it’s safe to say that it’s taken over the lives of the Polygon staff. Every day when I get to work, people are talking about Leech, Enchantress, or Devil Dinosaur in a serious way. It’s great that everyone I know is now interested in the most ridiculously small details of comic book history.

The only problem is that no one wants to talk to me about it. People want to talk about how well Swarm works in a discard deck. They don’t want to talk about how he’s made of bees and is a Nazi.

They want to talk about the best cards to use Bar Sinister’s abilities that make things better. They don’t want to talk about how Bar Sinister is a castle full of nobles who are all genetic copies of Mister Sinister dressed in glam rock clothes.

They want to discuss which Devil Dinosaur decks are the best.

Do check:

They don’t want to know that Jack “The King” Kirby made Devil Dinosaur for an animated show that never happened about a human boy and his dinosaur friend, that he and Captain America were once both gladiators, or that he has a new animated show coming out in February.

Every day, I sit and wait for someone to say, “Hey, Susana, who is Blue Marvel? so that I can tell them exactly who Blue Marvel is and why he whips ass.” For someone to say, “Who the hell is Ka-Zar, and why is he called Tarzan?” “How is Monster Metropolis different from Monster Island?” “Why does it look like Onslaught is wearing Magneto’s helmet?”

But no one does. A trading card game is infodump cockblocking me, and I still haven’t drawn a Devil Dinosaur!

Seriously, my biggest problem with Marvel Snap is that the cards don’t have the names of the artists who made them. But my second biggest problem is getting my coworkers to understand that they can ask me about comics whenever and wherever they want and it won’t bother me.

Unless they want to know about Adam Warlock, that is. I can only do so much.

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