Is Tekken 8 Out? Platforms To Play Game Online Along With The Gameplay

A new trailer and a message from Tekken’s producer Katsuhiro Harada have confirmed the long-standing rumors of a new Tekken. The upcoming Tekken 8 looks fantastic. Although only a few details were shown at the Sony’s State of Play, we’ve broken down everything we know about Tekken 8 so far, including what we can expect for the characters.

Release Date Of Tekken 8

There was no mention of a release window in the Tekken 8 announcement, so it is difficult to estimate when the game will be made available. But there are some things about which we are certain. We have a while to wait, as the story mode is still a “work-in-progress” and the game is still considered to be “firmly in production.” Second, other games announced at State of Play, such as Rise of the Ronin, did have release dates, in this case, a window in 2024.

Tekken 8
Tekken 8

An unexpected 2023 release date for Tekken 8 is possible but it seems unlikely. The game is expected to be released in July 2023, after EVO 2023. In any case, we’ll have a lot more information at that point.

Tekken 8 Platforms

Tekken 8 will be available for the PS5, Xbox One X/S and PC. Since it was developed using Unreal Engine 5, it makes sense that it won’t be playable on PS4. Because of this, it won’t be coming to mobile devices any time soon. However, you can give it a try on the Steam Deck if you don’t mind a slight performance hit.

Let’s talk about this trailer for a while, as it contains a wealth of information about how visually impressive the next Tekken game will be.

For starters, the gameplay trailer was culled from the game’s story mode and the same engine is used for both the story mode’s cinematic scenes and the gameplay itself. It’s not a real fight but it’s also not a pre-rendered movie like many in the Tekken series. The game’s character models, moves and background art are all being shown to us in detail.

There has been no extra work done to make the action in versus mode run any smoother or more reliably than it would on a standard PlayStation 5 set to the default 60 frames per second (online connections aside). It’s easy to see why they chose to highlight this aspect of the trailer, it’s some truly impressive in-game work that shows off how visually potent Tekken 8 will be.

Tekken 8

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Storyline Of Tekken 8

This dynamic, rain-soaked duel provides several hints about the story’s development—clues that are beyond the scope of a trailer.

In this scene, Jin Kazama (the current main protagonist of the Tekkenverse) and Kazuya Mishima (his father) engage in a fight. Jin says, “People like us shouldn’t exist,” a reference to the fact that they both share the Devil Gene, a corrupting supernatural power that allows them to assume a particularly nasty devil form at will.

That’s always been a challenge for Jin but the trailer suggests he’s finally mastered the Devil Gene and can use his devil powers without having to physically transform (his father gets some blows in, too).

Tekken 8

All of this is actual gameplay, so you can check out the juggling combos, supercharged attacks and what looks like a Rage Art that uses the Devil Gene. We also get some nice looks at the rainy, seemingly highly dynamic setting, complete with a raging storm and a ship breaking apart in the distance.


There is a lot we don’t know about the team’s roster. Without a doubt, Jin and Kazuya will have pivotal roles. Depending on when the story begins, Jin may have finally mastered his abilities and put an end to the Devil Jin once and for all. Keep in mind that Tekken 7 introduced several new characters, such as Leroy Smith and Katarina. We figured that at least some of them would make an appearance in this sequel. It’s pure speculation at this point but the developers have given us hints that they have plenty more information to share with us in the future.

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