Sea of Thieves season 2 is expected to have content for a few months, just like season 1. This should give players a lot of time to earn the Renown they need to move up the Seasonal Progression track.

Building Renown

The Lucky Hand clothing set is one of the unique rewards for making it through season 2. Pieces of the Lucky Hand will be unlocked one at a time. The last piece, the hat, will be unlocked at Level 96. As players move through the levels of season 2, from Castaway to Legend, they will also be able to play the Ocean Deep games.

Players can also get a flag, tattoo, scars, and sails pattern as part of the Ocean Deep Sea of Thieves collectibles set. The Barrel Disguise Emote is one of the most interesting things you can get in the new season. You can get it at level 13. With this emote, players can hide in plain sight by pretending to be a safe barrel.

In Sea of Thieves season 2, there is some content that only a few players can get. This is in addition to the content that all players can get by getting Renown. Players who bought the Plunder Pass will get special rewards every 5 levels. These rewards include Witch Markings Makeup, the Popcorn Emote, and the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss. Last but not least, players who have reached the level of Pirate Legend will be able to get the Athena’s Might Cutlass and the Shackled Phantom Hull. Read Padres Beat Dodgers In Game 3, Now One Win Away From NLCS

Trials and Trade Routes

If you want to get the most out of Sea of Thieves season 2, you should try to complete all 14 Trials. Each Trial is made up of Deeds, which are special tasks that players must do to finish the Trial. When players finish a Trial, they get a boost to their Renown, which speeds up their progress along the track.

In season 2, many of the Trials have to do with being an Emissary for one of the Trading Companies. In season 2, there have been some changes to the Emissary role. Now, Merchant Alliance Emissaries can buy Commodity Crates from representatives and sell them at different Outposts to make money. This gives players a new way to do business in the game.

When crews do these things, they get new Commendations, which can be found in the Reputation tab of the Merchant Alliance. When players have earned enough of these Commendations, they can buy the Merchant Alliance Hook and Eyepatch at Outpost shops.

New Events and Gameplay Improvements

In Sea of Thieves season 2, there is new content to unlock and new Trials to do. There are also new Events for crews to take part in. Forts of Fortune, a new kind of elite fortress that doesn’t show up very often in the game world, is one of the most exciting. A Fort of Fortune can be seen by the scarred Skull Cloud that floats above it. Forts of Fortune have waves of difficult enemies, and there is a higher chance that Captains will appear.

In addition to the Forts of Fortune, there is a new Event that pits Emissaries against pirate Reapers. Every two weeks, a Mysterious Note will let players know which Sea of Thieves Trading Company will be the focus of the next event. This will give players access to Deeds that can help or hurt the company and earn them valuable rewards.

Lastly, the Season Two update adds a few small changes that make the game more fun. The most important change is that players can now buy crates full of supplies from Outposts to stock their ships for long trips. Skeleton Captains have also been changed. They will now drop Gold Pouches that the crew can share. In the same way, seagulls will now circle the loot from Skeleton Fleets, making it easier to find. Lastly, when a player loses their ship and a Mermaid gives them a new one, the new ship will be placed farther from enemy ships.

You can play Sea of Thieves on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S right now.

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