Lazarus Anime Release Date: Is There A Trailer Yet?

Without including the master Shinichir Watanabe, no discussion of the finest of the best anime is complete. Watanabe is renowned for creating ground-breaking television series with devoted audiences, including Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and Samurai Champloo. His work is also notable for its exploration of mature themes in a genre that is frequently thought of as being only for children. Cowboy Bebop is frequently praised by fans as the greatest anime series ever made, and its impact on pop culture in general is indisputable.

With the help of MAPPA, Sola Entertainment, and Adult Swim, a new anime series by the master called Lazarus will now be available. The ideal team-up continues, though, with John Wick director Chad Stahelski joining the film and contributing to choreography and action sequence design. Here’s all the Lazarus release date information we know so far and all the details on when it is coming out.

Lazarus Anime Release Date

The Lazarus anime is anticipated to debut in the first half of 2024. Lazarus’ release date hasn’t been formally declared yet. It’s crucial to remember that this is just speculation because there are a number of variables, such as production delays and other situations, that could cause the actual release date to vary. Early in the next year, an official announcement on the precise release date is anticipated.

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Lazarus Trailer

On July 23, 2023, as part of the Adult Swim Festival’s “Toonami on the Green” event at Comic-Con International, the first teaser for Lazarus was also made available. With its sombre use of electronic jazz, elegant and fluid animation creating the sci-fi atmosphere, and great action choreography that flows as well as the music, the trailer establishes the tone of the television program. You can check out Twitter.

In essence, the teaser shows what seems to be a prison escape sequence with a young man running away, giving us a taste of the fluid and jazzy action we may anticipate from the show. Along with a sneak peek at all the other character designs, it also provides us with our first look at what appears to be the show’s protagonist, a cool and tough young man with wavy black hair, keen eyes, and a smart jacket-like all Shinichir Watanabe protagonists.

Plot Overview of Lazarus Anime

The year 2052 is the setting for Lazarus. The globe is currently experiencing unprecedented peace and prosperity. Hapuna, a miraculous medication, has made sickness and pain unheard of in human existence. Dr. Skinner is pleased with its development, and Hapuna shows no overt adverse effects, making it a true wonder drug.

Lazarus Anime Release Date

But the reality eventually comes to light: the medicine is simply a poison that can kill. Once a respected neuroscientist, Dr. Skinner has changed into a mad scientist who deceived humanity with his alleged miraculous cure-all drug.

In response to the impending danger, a specially selected team of five knowledgeable agents from around the world, known as Lazarus, is put together with the urgent task of finding a cure before time runs out. This intriguing anime explores philosophical questions about humanity’s fate and the decisions it must make while fusing elements of science fiction, political intrigue, action, and espionage.

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Team And Cast Behind The Lazarus Anime

The series is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, well-known for producing beloved anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy. Chad Stahelski, the filmmaker recognized for his work on the John Wick movies, adds to its outstanding action scenes.

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Additionally, the anime promises to enchant with a fantastic soundtrack that includes saxophonist Kamasi Washington and works from Floating Points and Bonobo. There is growing interest in the cast members even though they are still unknown.

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