Is Jack Campbell Related To Dan Campbell? How Are They Related?

The Lions had one of the more intriguing first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Fans were stunned when they selected running back Jahmyr Gibbs with the 12th overall pick, followed by Iowa linebacker Jack Campbell six spots later.

Gibbs overshadowed Campbell’s selection’, but the Lions received a man they hope can anchor the middle of their defense for years. He also has a reasonably well-known surname.

Is Jack Campbell Related To Dan Campbell?

Despite the identical last names, Jack Campbell has no relation to Dan Campbell. This is not a nepotism pick. The coincidence wasn’t lost on Dan, though. On Thursday, he told his newest linebacker how much he likes his last name.

Regarding football, though, Jack Campbell has much in common with his unconventional head coach.

Is Jack Campbell Related To Dan Campbell?

He told reporters Friday he will carry himself like “the mutt that all the little kids walk past because they want the new purebred puppies.” That’s about as confusing as the line about biting kneecaps that Dan Campbell delivered in his own introductory press conference.

Like his new coach, Jack seems to be a certified football guy. Coach Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes might not draft players for their last names, but they surely draft players they are confident will fit the franchise’s mentality. Jack already sounds like he’s going to fit in well.

Who Are Jack Campbell’s Parents?

Although Campbell’s father is not Dan Campbell, the rookie does come from a football family. Dave Campbell was a four-year starter at Northern Iowa, so Jack grew up admiring the program. He went on to play for a better program in the state and became the defensive anchor for Iowa.

Campbell told OurQuadCities in December that he has received support from his parents and stepparents throughout his football journey.

“My mom, my stepmom, my stepdad, and especially my dad, they’ve always just been so supportive of me and seen things in me that sometimes I don’t even see in myself,” he said, adding, “I’m just truly blessed to be raised by four people who love me.”

Jack Campbell will now have the support of an entire NFL franchise, led by the head coach who shares his name.

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