Julia Haart Divorce: Her Moments of ‘Deep Despair’ Amid Silvio Scaglia

Julia Haart Divorce: Julia Haart is an American fashion designer, business owner, and author. She was born on April 11, 1971. She is a co-owner of Elite World Group and used to be its CEO. She used to make shoes under her own name and was the creative director at the Italian luxury brand La Perla. Haart is also the main character and executive producer of the Netflix miniseries My Unorthodox Life, which is about why she left her Haredi community in 2013.

Julia Haart Divorce

Julia Haart has said that she felt “deep despair” during her divorce from Silvio Scaglia, which is still going on.

Julia Haart, who is 51 years old, is the star of the hit Netflix show My Unorthodox Life, which follows her and her family after they decide to leave an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. She has returned for a brand new series.

Julia Haart Divorce
Julia Haart Divorce

The show, which started in July 2021, features Haart and her three oldest children, Shlomo, Batsheva, and Miriam Haart, who live with her in Manhattan. Aron Hendler, Julia’s youngest son, still lives in Monsey with his dad, Haart’s first husband Yosef Hendler, but he still makes appearances on the show, albeit less often.

In the first episode of the new season, Haart’s ex-husband Scaglia, 64, who played her husband in the show’s first season, moves out of the penthouse they used to share. This is a major plot point of the new season.

Julia Haart, who stars in the Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life,” has talked about how hard the year after she broke up with Silvio Scaglia was.

“My family and I had a very hard time. I find it hard to watch because it makes me remember all the bad things that happened “Haart told Newsweek about how the second season of My Unorthodox Life was filmed before it came out on December 2.

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“I knew I had to tell my story to help and inspire people and to give those who thought they were victims the power to become survivors,” she said.

In June 2019, Haart and Scaglia got married. Haart was the CEO of Elite World Group, a modeling agency, until Scaglia, the director of Elite World Group’s parent company, Freedom Holding, Inc., quickly fired her in February 2022, when their breakup got ugly.

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