Is Jason Chen Arrest? A 22-year-old Chattanooga Woman’s Boyfriend Is Suspected Of Killing Her!

The boyfriend of a missing 22-year-old woman from Chattanooga has been charged with murdering her.

Jasmine “Jazzy” Pace had been missing for more than a week when Jason Chen, also 22 years old, was arrested in his hometown of Nolensville, Tennessee. He was brought from Williamson County to Hamilton County on Wednesday night to be charged with murder.

The body of the dead person has not been found.

Police said they found blood stains in a North Chattanooga apartment that Chen rented at 110 Tremont St. Blood was on the hardwood floor in the living room, in the grout in the bathroom, and on the carpet in the bedroom. On the bathroom wall, there were spots of blood.

Investigators used forensic analysis to find more blood in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom that had already been cleaned up. They said that Chen had bought cleaning supplies not too long ago. It was noted that there was broken glass and other evidence of a fight.

Video from the apartment complex showed Chen walking out of the building with a mask on and a piece of black fabric wrapped around his hand.

Jason Chen Arrest
Jason Chen Arrest

The police said they knew Chen drove Ms. Pace’s car to Nolensville.

They said that he had cuts on his hands when he was caught.

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Ms. Pace’s mother reported her missing for the first time on November 26. That was when she found her 2021 Chevy Equinox near the Signal View Condos at 900 Mountain Creek Road. She hadn’t been seen since Tuesday night, November 22. The mother used an app to track down the car. No one was around, and the vehicle was locked.

Mrs. Pace and her husband went to the Tremont Street apartment and discovered that Chen had been living there. But he and Jasmine were not there. Mrs. Pace entered her daughter’s apartment and found her driver’s license and a few credit cards.

Mrs. Pace’s neighbor said she was woken up early on Wednesday, November 23, by a bang and a woman screaming. That was right before Jasmine sent her mother a “pin drop” telling her where she was.

District Attorney Coty Wamp said that new information was found on Sunday that made the case a homicide investigation.

She said more evidence was found, leading to Chen being charged with first-degree murder.

Ms. Wamp said, “We won’t stop looking for the victim until we find her.”

It was said that the couple had been seeing each other for a few months.

Chen has talked to an attorney and won’t speak to the police.

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