Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested? What Did She Do With Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson’s friend, Daejanae Jackson, said publicly that the person who was physically bothering her should be arrested. Later, Shanquella Robinson was found dead. With this, the news stories are all over the internet, shocking people who see them.

The group of friends went on vacation to Cabo, Mexico, but something terrible happened there that shocked everyone.

Since the video of Robinson getting beat up went viral, her other friends have also been on the list of people who might have done it.

Also, the people in charge of finding out what happened have come forward, and the people who did this will soon be punished. Someone from the victim’s family has also called for justice.

What Did Daejanae Jackson Do? A Lot of People Are Talking About Her on Social Media.

It is said that Daejanae Jackson was found beating up her friend Shanquella Robinson. Her other friends shared the video of her getting beat up on social media, which has since gone viral.

In the video clip, Shanquella was naked while Jackson beat her up. The victim’s traveling companions stayed in the room and used their phones to record the brutal attack.

Many people have blamed Jackson, but the Police have not confirmed that Jackson was the aggressor as netizens have thought.

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Is Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Daejanae Jackson Arrested? 

Shanquella Robinson‘s friend Daejanae Jackson hasn’t been caught yet, and no one knows where she is. The Police may soon arrest her and the other girls who went on vacation with her.

After Robinson didn’t call her parents, Bernard and Salamandra Robinson were worried because she hadn’t come home. They tried calling her friends to find out where she was. Later, one of her best friends, Khalil Cooke, said that her daughter died of alcohol poisoning, which seems to be a big question about the murder.

Daejanae Jackson Arrested (Source)

Since she was severely hurt, everyone who knew her thought it was strange that her death was blamed on something else. When the autopsy report came out, they said that she hadn’t been hurt by alcohol at all.

Social Media Users Have Started To Raise Voice For Shanquella Robinson

Even though many people have thought they were Daejanae, the Police have not confirmed it. Since Robinson’s six friends are said to have deleted their social media accounts, the suspects have leaned more toward them.

People on social media have begun to speak up for Shanquella Robinson.

As the Shanquella Robinson case has spread like wildfire on social media sites, it has been all over the internet, and most people have blamed each friend for her death.

Even though Shanquella was found dead about 24 hours after the violence, the online user thinks that her health must have worsened because of the violence and injuries.

At one point in the video, hearing a friend cheering on the bully is the main sign of being bullied. All the friends have asked to stay in jail, with Daejanae Jackson as the primary focus.

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