Are Adi Fishman And Emily Still Together? The Story of His Relationship With His Girlfriend!

YouTuber and content producer Adi Fishman works closely with many influential people. However, his girlfriend Emily Michelle Alexander is the well-known influencer with whom he works most frequently. The bond between Fishman and Alexander is special in its own right. They have been dating for more than five years.

Every day they become more and more in love. Fishman and his girlfriend both post videos and images of themselves together in which they profess their love for one another. They frequently post updates about their relationships on Instagram for their admirers and followers. Fishman did this after disclosing a five-year relationship with his girlfriend.

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Is Adi Fishman And Emily Still Together?

Fishman and Alexander have been dating for more than five years, as was previously stated. In September 2022, for their fifth wedding anniversary, he published a ton of images of himself and his partner. He expressed his admiration for Alexander in a sincere caption. She was referred to by him as his “other half, soulmate, twin flame, best friend, and girlfriend.”

He confessed that he loved her “endlessly and unconditionally,” and how thankful he was that Alexander was here for him. He wrote, “Thank you for always being there for me every step of the way and for the best 5 years of my life.”

She uploaded two adorable pictures of the couple and wrote, “Half a decade with you by my side <3 you’re my favorite person in this world and I love you forever.” The couple will have been dating for six years by the end of September 2023.

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Adi Fishman’s Relationship History With His Girlfriend

The two were only friends prior to Alexander becoming Fishman’s girlfriend. It took her some time to discover that she was attracted to Fishman romantically. In her first year of high school, she became aware of her affection for him. Fishman, however, did not share that sentiment at the time.

Fishman took two years to come to the same conclusions. On September 10, 2017, they declared their relationship as official. He talked about how he started dating his girlfriend, in the YouTube video titled, ‘Something I’ve NEVER Talked About… (Meet My Girlfriend)’ He said, “So, yeah, junior year. A little delay. Two-year delay. I saw you junior year and I was like, ‘Damn!’ And that was it.”

Is Adi Fishman And Emily Still Together

Since then, they have been a couple. There were reports that the pair had split up in 2019. This was due to the fact that they were not creating as much stuff as they had when they first began dating. Fans began to wonder about their connection as a result.

When Fishman wished his lover a happy birthday in March 2020, he dispelled all of the scepticism. While at home, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, he shared a few pictures of himself and Alexander enjoying her birthday. He wrote, “When you’re stuck at home for your girlfriend’s birthday 🥺 (Instagram vs reality) Happy birthday to my beautiful baby.”

Fans’ reservations about their relationship were allayed by this, and they were relieved to learn that they were still together.

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