Are Marshall And Jackie Still Together? Are They Still A Couple?

Some Love Is Blind Successful couples have a pleasant path; others have a more difficult road. Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze immediately identified with the latter.

In both good and terrible ways, the two represent the definition of “opposites attract.” He’s more sensitive and reserved, but she’s the most outgoing person in the room.

This makes them appear to be a wonderful balance at times, but it also leaves the audience wondering how the relationship can possibly endure.

Who Are They?

Before entering the Love Is Blind pods, Jackelina Bonds, 27, was a dental assistant who had never been in a significant relationship. In her Netflix profile, she admits to being “hardheaded” but is open to finding “my daddy.” She’s already started filming TikTok videos mentioning Love Is Blind, so expect to see more as the season progresses.

Are Marshall And Jackie Still Together

Marshall Glaze, a 27-year-old marketing manager, says he wants a “deep mental and emotional connection.” Fun fact: His cousin is Bachelorette star Justin Glaze. Reality television runs in the family!

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What Went Down On The Show?

Marshall expresses his feelings for Jackelina early in the pods, and she admires his ability to elicit emotions and vulnerabilities in her that she isn’t used to expressing.

She does, however, have feelings for Josh, and when she tells Marshall about it, he storms out and leaves her in tears. Marshall eventually triumphs, and Jackelina accepts his proposal.

They appear to be in a good place by the end of the sixth episode, but the honeymoon period is short-lived. After one altercation, Jackelina accuses Marshall of leaving rather than staying to discuss matters. “What else am I supposed to do?” he responds. Sit in my emotions and sleep with someone who told me I wasn’t man enough for this?” She then shouts, “We don’t have s*x!”

Not only that, but Josh also showed up at a cast gathering to tell Jackelina, “Pick me.” It’s unclear what she’ll do at first, but it’s telling when Jackie doesn’t show up to try on bridal gowns with the other women. Instead, she meets Josh and accepts to begin dating him. They exchange kisses.

Meanwhile, Marshall learns that Jackie did not attend the bridal gown try-on. When he confronts her later about it, she admits that she is still interested in Josh. Marshall want the ring back, but Jackie refuses. Messy!

But Are They Still Together?

Nope. They don’t even follow each other on Instagram, though that could mean anything in the Love Is Blind world. In an interview with E! before the reunion, Marshall revealed that he reached out to Kacia after the show.

They tried dating, but ultimately it didn’t work out. “I wanted to just distance myself from all of that, from that experience,” he said. “It was going to be difficult to try to make a relationship with Kacia.”

Jackelina Zoomed into her live reunion with her new beau Josh, who is also a Love Is Blind contestant (which was delayed by 75 minutes, which I’ll never forgive Netflix for). At the reunion, Marshall was clearly deeply affected by Jackelina, but he called for a “truce.”

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