Are Millie And Liam Still Together? What Have They Done Since Winning Love Island?

Are Millie And Liam Still Together? It seems like yesterday when Love Island UK’s most recent season ended. The ITV2 show Love Island is back in 2022, and it’s bringing more drama than ever. But first, let’s take a look at some of the prominent islanders from the previous season. Who from Love Island 2021 is still in a relationship, and what have they been doing since?

Are Millie And Liam Still Together?

The winners of Love Island 2021, Millie and Liam, decided to divide the £50,000 prize money. Their romance in the villa wasn’t easy in fact, the show’s iconic Casa Amor twist nearly ended their love permanently. In the alternative villa, Liam (now 22) made out with other women while getting close to Lillie Haynes, sharing a bed with her and kissing her. His lone return to the main villa gave Millie (now 24) the impression for a brief moment that he had remained obedient.

But when Lillie arrived and revealed she had a connection with Liam and was surprised he didn’t propose to her, the bubble was shattered shockingly. Lillie and Millie even went out to lunch together, during which Lillie described her relationship with Liam in detail. However, Millie finally forgave Liam after he apologized and made a few corny gestures, and the duo went on to win the series.

The two moved in together in an Essex mansion worth £1 million after the episode.  After a year of marriage, Millie announced their separation on July 13 of this year. She stated: “Liam and I wanted to share with you that we have split to avoid any rumors, in an Instagram story. Though it was a difficult choice and I am devastated by it, it is ultimately what is best for us at this time.”

Who is Millie Court?

From Rumford, Essex, England, Millie Court is a well-known British fashion buyer administrator, model, social media influencer, reality TV star, and businesswoman. After participating in the reality television program “Love Island,” Millie gained popularity in the UK (2021). She and Lucinda Strafford reportedly arrived at the villa on day nine. After joining the cast of Love Island 2021, she quickly gained notoriety.

Are Millie And Liam Still Together
Are Millie And Liam Still Together

According to accounts, the court is an experienced fashion purchasing administrator. Her LinkedIn profile states that she started working at ASOS in May 2018. She has also spent more than two years working for Superdry as a sales assistant. Because of her intimate relationship with Liam Reardon in the villa, the court is the topic of media attention in August 2021.

Millie Court Husband & Marriage

She became well-known after participating in the reality television program “Love Island” (2021). Soon after joining the show, she establishes an alliance with ‘Liam Reardon,’ a 21-year-old star. Fans showed this pair a lot of support. Sources claim that Millie and Liam are romantically involved. Let me just say that Reardon is three years younger than Court.

Additionally, they were seen kissing in the villa. She also frequently posted pictures of herself and Liam on Instagram with the caption: Here is some content for wives. Don’t forget to vote on Love Island to save our favorite couple! It’s safe to assume that we’re all watching Millie and Liam on television, in my opinion. In terms of her prior romantic relationships, Millie Court was at the time dating her ex-boyfriend Danny Taylor.”

She dated Danny for three years, from 2013 to 2016, according to sources. Ryan Lloyd, a social media influencer, was originally associated with her name. She later admitted that Ryan is only her best buddy. We should let you know that Ryan is in charge of her Instagram while she is staying in the Love Island villa.

What Have They Done Since Winning Love Island 2021?

Since departing the renowned villa, the in-demand couple has been juggling their demanding work commitments. While Liam has been working hard in the boxing ring, Millie is the face of the clothing line Asos. The Essex beauty has spoken up about how her size 6 physique has changed since she first appeared on the show. Now a size 10, Millie admitted to Cosmopolitan UK that there was a time when people mistook her weight gain for pregnancy.

Millie Court Net Worth

As of November 2022, Millie Court’s estimated net worth in USD is $2–3 million. She earns additional money from her fashion job. Several designer firms have reportedly received Millie Court’s endorsement on her social media pages.

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