House of the Dragon Episode 2 Ending Explained: Know About the Shocking Finale!

The HBO debut of House of the Dragon was such a success that 20 million viewers tuned in last week. This week, following a massive debut, the excitement grows as those close to Viserys Targaryen and his future heir, Rhaenyra, slowly take shape.

To learn more about what transpired, we examine this explanation of the House of the Dragon, episode 2 ending.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Ending Explained

Viserys addresses the Small Council at the beginning of this week’s House of the Dragon episode when Corlys Velaryon interrupts him. In response to the Stepstones stealing his ships and killing his men, he requests that the council take action against them.

Speaking, Rhaenyra advises using dragons to demonstrate force against the forces of the Free above City. Otto Hightower then suggested that Princess Rhaenyra pick the new Kingsguard member in its place. Rhaenyra properly introduces herself to Ser Criston Cole as she meets several knights from various houses and inquires about his experiences.

Otto disagrees with her choice, but she does. Finally, he concedes to the princess’ decision. Viserys displays a scale model of King’s Landing to Allicent Hightower in his quarters. When he inquires about Rhaenyra, she replies that the princess is troubled by the recent passing of the queen and her designation as the heir.

Soon after, Rhaenyra ruminates on the covert plots to make Alicent’s new queen out of his father. She also says that being chosen as the successor is a way for her to reject her uncle Daemon Targaryen. To pray to the Maiden, one of the Seven, Alicent tells her friend to get down on her knees.

Rhaenyra sobs and discusses her bond with her father, Viserys, in detail. Viserys meet with Corlys and his wife, Rhaenys Targaryen, outside the fortress.

The Sea Snake then informs the king that his adversaries are beginning to plan an attack on him since Daemon has claimed Dragonstone after designating Rhaenyra as his heir, the first woman to do so. Then Corlys recommends that to fortify their homes. He marries their daughter.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Ending Explained
House of the Dragon Episode 2 Ending Explained

Rhaenyra sits down to supper with his father, who begins to talk about recent happenings. She also talks about what happened at the Small Council meeting, to her father’s swift reprimand. As Viserys receives treatment for his infirmities immediately next, he tells Otto about Corlys and Rhaenys’ suggestion to marry their daughter.

The Grand Master advises the king that bettering House Targaryen’s unity is wise. The young daughter of Corlys and Rhaenys, Laena Velaryon, is introduced to Viserys the following day. She promises the king that if she is made queen, she will produce many heirs for him. Rhaenyra observes from a distance, appearing uneasy by the thought.

Speaking to her, Rhaenys warns the princess that the new son might steal her position as the rightful successor to the Iron Throne. Men will burn down the Seven Kingdoms rather than see her take power. She warns Rhaenyra. When Viserys returns to his private rooms, he tells Alicent about people pressuring him to be married once more.

Otto’s daughter presents him with a gift when he opens up, much to his delight. When he arrives, the Hand invites him to a meeting of the Small Council. Coming with news that Daemon has formally asserted his claim to Dragonstone and his right to succeed to the Iron Throne is a messenger.

He also invites him to a wedding and says that Daemon has married a second woman. A force is sent to storm Dragonstone after Viserys receives word from the messenger that Daemon has mistreated Baelon. Otto suggests that he take charge of the battle against Daemon.

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Otto instructs his daughter to be with Viserys before he departs, meaning she should seduce the king. Otto meets Daemon in Dragonstone and commands the prince to give up the island on behalf of the king. Swords are readied as Daemon declines to comply. As soon as Caraxes, Daemon’s dragon, emerges, tensions decrease.

Rhaenyra appears in this scene riding Syrax to bolster Otto’s army. The princess discusses with his uncle and inquires about his choice to marry a whore named Mysaria. She confronts him about the succession and audaciously commands Daemon to execute her because she has aroused his wrath.

Daemon departs, giving Rhaenyra possession of the dragon egg he once held. Mysaria is upset that Daemon informed everyone that she is expecting a child inside Dragonstone. Daemon finds himself contemplating what just transpired as she walks away. Viserys see Lord Lyonel Strong and inquire about his thoughts about getting remarried.

The king cites Corlys’ attempts to arrange for him to marry his daughter, which strikes me as a prudent move given Laena’s suitability and the strength of having House Velaryon on his side. Lyonel urges Viserys to marry Laena quickly. A knight suddenly declares that Rhaenyra has arrived from Dragonstone.

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Viserys reprimand her daughter for behaving without his permission. The king is calmed when she informs him that the dragon egg has been removed without incident. After discussing their anguish about losing the queen, they conclude that he should choose a new wife.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap

The issues that arose from the first episode of House of the Dragon are still present in this week’s episode as a result of Rhaenyra being designated heir, Daemon feeling betrayed by choice, and Viserys’ need to choose a queen.

By the episode’s conclusion, Viserys has determined to wed Alicent, Daemon is gradually amassing his forces to mount a throne challenge, and Rhaenyra is slowly developing into her person as the next in line to the Iron Throne.

As many families, particularly those of Velaryon and Hightower, attempt to increase their influence and authority within the Seven Kingdoms, these events are predicted to coincide. These diverse storylines will result in a new state of affairs in the Seven Kingdoms by next week.

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