Is Mysaria Dead In House of the Dragon Episode 9? Answered

An often-overlooked character in House of the Dragon, Mysaria, was important to the plot this week. She kept Prince Aegon hidden and told Otto Hightower where he was. Larys Strong, who is always on the lookout, learns about her and her group and decides to take her out with the queen’s permission. Here’s all you need to know about whether or not Mysaria died in House of the Dragon.

Be aware that this article gives away things that happen in the book Fire and Blood.

Is Mysaria Alive in House of the Dragon?

Even though the building Mysaria was in was on fire at the end of episode 9, she is still alive and has an important part to play in the Dance of Dragons. In the book that the show is based on by George R.R. Martin, the White Worm ends up siding with the blacks and helping Daemon get revenge when his family is hurt. Rhaenyra and Daemon will find her useful when they try to take the throne. She knows a lot of people in King’s Landing.

Is Mysaria Dead in House of the Dragon
Is Mysaria Dead in House of the Dragon

How did she stay alive? She must have realized that hiding Prince Aegon could draw the attention of the Hand of the King, which could lead to an assassination attempt, and she went into hiding for a while. This time, Mysaria was smarter than Larys. Both of them have proven to be dangerous enemies, so I hope they’ll have more chances to battle it out in the show.

In House of the Dragon, that’s all we know about why the White Worm is dead. Check out our other House of the Dragon articles to find out what “the beast beneath the boards” means and who the greens are.

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