Who Is Grant Troutt And What Is The Net Worth Of “The Bachelor” Actor?

Madison Prewett, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” wrote five simple words on her Instagram post about getting engaged to Grant Michael Troutt: “You were worth the wait.

Madi was the favorite on the season of The Bachelor with Pilot Pete. But Pete and Madi quickly found out that they didn’t get along when they went on the famous fantasy suite dates. Madi was (and still is) a devout Christian, and she told Peter that she was saving herself for marriage.

She knew in her heart that she couldn’t say yes to Peter’s possible proposal because she knew he had been close to his other top choices. Peter tried to get back together with Madi, but that didn’t work out either.

Grant Troutt’s Net Worth

After all the drama on The Bachelor, Madi moved to Dallas, Texas, where she met Grant Michael Troutt, the man she is now engaged to. He seems like he was made for her. In May 2022, the 26-year-old financial analyst wrote a sweet post about Madi on Instagram. In it, he said, “I’ve never met someone who walks with such grace and beauty… You try to do everything you can to honor God. You inspire me to be better.”

Grant is the son of Kenny Troutt, who started Excel Communications and made a billion dollars from it. When he was a student at UC Santa Barbara, Madi’s fiance also played basketball. (Is Grant Madi’s soulmate or what?)

Even though Grant Troutt official net worth hasn’t been confirmed yet, sources like the Gossip Next Door estimate that it’s between $100,000 and $2 million.

Grant Michael Troutt is a financial analyst who lives in Texas. His father, Kenny Troutt, is a billionaire. He is going to marry Madi Prewett, who was on The Bachelor.

Grant is a smart guy who could see how valuable Madi was and didn’t want her to be the girl who got away. On July 31, 2022, he got down on one knee and asked Madi to marry him. Their photos of them getting engaged on the beach are total engagement post goals.

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Who is Grant Troutt?

Grant Troutt is a financial analyst from Dallas, Texas, according to Screenrant.

His Instagram bio says, “Changed forever by Jesus,” which shows that the 26-year-old analyst is religious. He is also said to speak to athletes and churches and to be a minister. His father is worth $1.5 billion, while he is worth $2 million.

Kenny Troutt, who started Excel Communications and owns WinStar Farms, is a billionaire and Grant is his son.

He went to high school in Dallas, Texas, at a religious school, and then he went to college at UC Santa Barbara. He is said to have gone to college at Southern Methodist University and worked as an intern in the analyst department of a well-known finance firm, according to reports.

Both of them liked basketball, which brought them together. Grant was the point guard for USC Santa Barbara, but he hurt his hip and couldn’t play most of the time.

Even though he doesn’t use social media much, he has 21,000 followers on Instagram, even though he doesn’t post very often. In 2022, all of his Instagram photos are of him and Madison, and the most recent one shows them getting engaged.

Madison told “People” that she didn’t know about her boyfriend’s proposal because his plans “changed multiple times” before he made his final decision. She said, “I thought we were going to a birthday party for one of our friends.

In her interview with the People, she couldn’t stop talking about how her fiance led her to the beach where he had set up candles, flowers, a Bible with her name on it, and “the ring of my dreams!”

Madi Prewett Is Totally Crazy About Her Fiance

Madi Prewett has never hidden the fact that she loves her fiance. She put a picture from her engagement shoot on her Instagram stories with the caption “Ahhh! The most amazing day of my life!” Madi also posted a “How it happened” sequence on her stories, in which she said that she didn’t know Grant was going to propose and that her family and friends were all in on the big surprise.

A book in 2021 and an engagement ring in 2022? We think it’s safe to say that Madi is doing well and living up to the words “Love greatly” in her Instagram bio. Stand up for what you believe in at all times. Esther 4:14.”

We’re rooting for this happy couple!

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