Did Bachelor In Paradise’s Victoria Fuller Cheat on Johnny DePhillipo? Greg Grippo Drama Explained

The relationship between Bachelor in Paradise star Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo is getting messy and there have been rumors that Greg Grippo, who was on The Bachelorette, is involved. Read on to find out everything that happened. Spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 are coming up.

Do Bachelor in Paradise’s Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo Get Engaged?

Johnny, who is 25, is said to propose to Victoria, who is 29, during the final episode of Paradise and they leave the show engaged.

Fans have seen that the two didn’t get into much trouble while they were in Mexico. When the couples were separated for a week as part of a new season twist, Johnny avoided any chance of falling in love. Victoria had a spark with contestant Alex Bordyukov, but she chooses to keep dating the New Jersey native.

Did Bachelor in Paradise’s Victoria Fuller Cheat on Johnny DePhillipo?

Even though their time in Paradise went pretty well, it looks like a lot has happened between them since they left the beach.

In August, Victoria Fuller shared a video on her Instagram Story of her friend Natalie Joy, who is dating franchise alum Nick Viall, with Nick Viall. It looked like they were still together. Fans with sharp eyes saw what looked like Johnny standing in the background while the group was having fun at a bar. The former contestant from Peter Weber’s season quickly took the clip down from her social media.

But rumors about Victoria and Johnny’s relationship ending started when Zachary Reality tweeted on October 21 that a season 8 engaged couple was said to have “already broken up.” Fans thought that Victoria and Johnny broke up because Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are the only other couple who are said to leave the show engaged.

The drama got worse when comedian Dave Neal, who has a Bachelor news show on YouTube, said that two people close to the couple in Bachelor Nation told him that Victoria “cheated twice” on Johnny, which caused them to break up.

A few signs have shown that their relationship is coming to an end. A screenshot from the fan page BachelorNation shows that Johnny’s brother liked a user comment on the contestant’s October 26 Instagram post that said, “Johnny is better than trashy VFuller.” The comment read, “Johnny is greater than trashy VFuller.” Scoop. Someone else said that she was a “cheater.”

Victoria Fuller from Bachelor in Paradise: Is She Dating Greg Grippo?

When two fans said they saw Victoria in Italy with Greg, 29, things got even messier. Some people thought that the witnesses might have mixed up the former contestant from Katie Thurston’s season with Johnny, but it’s still not clear what’s going on between the Bachelor Nation stars.

Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor, tweeted that a fan theory was “absurd” after a user said that “producers sent [Victoria and Greg] to Italy on purpose to make a scandal so viewers will care about the reunion.”

As for how Greg and Victoria could have met, the former Bachelorette star is close with Justin Glaze, Andrew Spencer and Michael Allio, who all appeared on season 8 of Paradise with Victoria and Johnny.

Life & Style asked Victoria, Johnny and Greg for their thoughts, but had not heard back by the time the article was published.

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