Who Is Lauzain Adada? What Is The Net Worth of The Dubai Bling Actress?

Move over, Bling Empire! Dubai Bling is here, and star Loujain Adada is going to show the world how much she loves living in the UAE. Real Housewives of Dubai is already on Bravo, but Netflix is making its own version with 10 “self-made” businesspeople from a great social circle. Some of the cast members are among Dubai’s 67,900 millionaires, so you can be sure they will wear extravagant clothes and wear a lot of jewelry.

When there are so many strong characters on one screen, drama is bound to happen.

Netflix says that Loujain “LJ” Adada is “outspoken, confident, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind,” so let’s get to know the Lebanese socialite before the fights start on Dubai Bling.

Loujain Adada’s Early Life And Net Worth

Loujain was born in California, but when she was young, she moved back to her native Lebanon and went to school in Beirut. She always had an interest in fashion, photography, and traveling.

Loujain, who is about 32, did her first ad shoot for a magazine when she was only 14. A keen model, she also received countless offers for ad modeling.

She moved into TV when she was 21. She was the host of the music show Energy Spin Magazine on MTV Lebanon. Her career was cut short after deciding to focus on her family and husband in her mid-20s. She was married to billionaire businessman Walid Juffali until his death in July 2016.

Arabian Business ranks Loujain Adada as Dubai Bling’s second wealthiest cast member with an estimated net worth of $3.8 million. Ebraheem Al Samadi leads at $50 million.

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Her Husband Died A Month After Their Second Daughter Was Born

Loujain married Walid when she was 21. It was the wedding of her dreams. The whole party cost more than $10 million. Her dress by Karl Lagerfeld cost $200K, and her necklace cost more than $2M. Private jets also took guests to the ceremony in Venice.

The model was Juffali’s third wife, but he died of cancer just four years after they got married. He was 61, so the two of them were more than 30 years apart in age.

Loujain has two cute daughters: Talia, who is 7 years old, and Lana, who was born in May 2016.

Even though Loujain misses having her own job, she is putting her family first. “Right now, being a mother to my two beautiful daughters is the most important thing to me,” she told Ccercle.

The family was devastated by the death of her husband. He was told he had cancer when she was in the middle of her pregnancy.

She is ready for a new start and a new love after moving to Dubai last year.

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