Freddy Ending Explained: What Happens To Him And Kainaz?

Freddy Ending Explained: The movie “Freddy,” directed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Parveez Sheikh, follows the titular dentist as he strives to manage his personal and professional life. Freddy meets Kainaaz while at a wedding after a wrong date and a prank by the local kids (who pretend to be one of his matches from the matrimonial website).

Even that, however, fails when Rustom, her controlling husband, intervenes and bullies Freddy for even wanting to speak with Kainaaz. The next day, when she arrives at her clinic to get her wisdom tooth extracted, Freddy strikes up a connection with her that develops into a romantic relationship, making him daydream about spending the rest of his life with her.

He understands that he must get rid of Rustom in order to have Kainaaz all to himself. He has no idea that Kainaaz intends to overtake him after that is over.

Freddy Ending Explained

By paying off a witness and using a CCTV camera to capture Raymond stealing a turtle, Freddy accuses Kainaaz and Raymond of being the assassins of Rustom. He uses that as leverage to get the pair to apologize. They consent to it and show no suspicion when Freddy orders them to travel all the way to Karjat and arrive there with a suitcase in order to merely apologize.

Considering how many beer bottles are scattered across the table when Freddy phones Kainaaz, I assume they are too desperate and inebriated to understand what is happening. They enter Freddy’s “trap” without thinking, and he electrocutes them as a result. Freddy does demonstrate his knowledge of the aphrodisiac properties of turtle soup when he is “torturing” them.

Does he research all of that? Why, if so? Isn’t it strange to read about or watch YouTube lessons for cooking your pet animal? You may disagree with me, but I believe it is the case and it demonstrates how little he truly cared for Hardy. However, Freddy grants Kainaaz one final chance to play the cello in exchange for her and Raymond’s freedom (since she said that Freddy’s mother inspired her to practice the instrument).

Clearly, Kainaaz fails. All of Raymond and Kainaaz’s teeth are pulled out by Freddy, who then buries them alive. Has Freddy concealed his tracks well enough to avoid the police’s suspicion while he rests on top of their graves? Well, Raymond and Kainaaz were identified by the police as Freddy’s abusers. Raymond firing a bullet in front of Freddy’s home is captured on CCTV.

When Kainaaz and Raymond are summoned in for a “regular inquiry” but fail to appear at the police station, the officers proceed to their apartment but discover it to be vacant.

When they look at the CCTV tape, they see the couple departing with the suitcase Freddy requested, so they believe they have escaped. Now, given that they are the main suspects in the hit-and-run case involving Rustom, that could imply that they are going to go seek them. They may follow that to Freddy’s Karjat home.

They might even be able to find their bodies and hold Freddy responsible if they can link the dots. However, given how awful “Freddy” is, it seems improbable that a sequel will be released to demonstrate how the main character defies the law once more.

Why Does Kainaaz Betray Freddy?

When Kainaaz’s wisdom tooth is extracted, Freddy has access to her personal information (her allergies, her home address, etc.). Freddy begins to stalk her by practically parking next to her house after she leaves the clinic and peering in the window to watch her. At that point, he watches how cruelly Rustom treats her only for arriving home after hours and being too exhausted to prepare food for him.

Freddy considers getting involved, but he doesn’t do anything about it. He is reminded of his tumultuous relationship with his mother, which reportedly concluded with his father killing her and then committing suicide. He phones her up and begs her to meet him so that she can confide in him and he can perhaps help her in some manner since he is worried that Kainaaz and Rustom’s relationship will end similarly.

He maintains an eye on Rustom while also continuing to stalk her and altering his appearance to appear more friendly. According to reports, Kainaaz falls in love with Freddy, which inspires him to kill Rustom. Naturally, Kainaaz recommends against it. However, when Freddy noticed Kainaaz’s battered face, he decided to take action.

You may also consider:

Freddy follows Rustom in his automobile and runs him over several times since he knows when Rustom leaves for his daily jog. After verifying Rustom’s death, Freddy leaves to go hide out for a few days at his family’s farmhouse in Karjat, which is remote from Mumbai’s major metropolis.

He also cleans his car of any murder-related evidence. He anticipates receiving hugs and kisses when he arrives back in the city and goes to Kainaaz’s home. But when Raymond, Kainaaz’s current boyfriend, opens the door, Kainaaz emerges in her new persona. She now tells Freddy the truth, saying that she only exploited him as a means of permanently getting rid of Rustom.

She and Raymond can now live together and occupy Light of Persia, Rustom’s eatery. She makes it plain that she never loved Freddy and that she just felt revulsion every time they got close. There is nothing to say here. Filmmakers like Ghosh and Sheikh frequently exploit this retrograde and out-of-date stereotype to dehumanize women and portray males as the fallible victims of their naïve worldview. Just that.

What Causes Freddy To Flip?

When Persis Aunty, who is Freddy’s closest confidante and the woman who raised him following the death of his parents, learns about his “breakup” with Kainaaz, she implores her to take action. In order to get Kainaaz to verbally apologize for her betrayal, Freddy goes to her newly purchased eatery and continually eats “falooda” (even when Raymond spits into it).

Because there is evidence that Freddy stalked Kainaaz’s house and talked about killing Rustom, Raymond threatens him with police action. Freddy gets into Kainaaz’s home to exact revenge on the family, sneaks sleeping drugs into their meals, switches Kainaaz’s face wash for dish soap (which she is allergic to), and hacks into Kainaaz’s laptop.

He enters the house once more after they go to sleep and wipes the couple’s phones clean of all their photos and chats. He severely slaps Raymond as he leaves before messing with the car’s brakes. Kainaaz discovers Raymond’s allergic response as she awakens and takes them to the hospital. Due to the malfunctioning brakes, they almost crashed and died at that point.

Freddy Ending Explained
Freddy Ending Explained

Before hearing that a customer discovered a lizard in his food (something Freddy had been observing earlier) and learning that a pornographic post has been made on Raymond’s social media profile, Kainaaz and Raymond are unaware of anything. However, the proximity of these two incidents leads them to believe that Freddy is the one playing tricks on them.

After that, Kainaaz and Raymond start tormenting Freddy. Freddy punishes them in return. However, Kainaaz and Raymond go overboard when they murder Hardy, Freddy’s pet turtle, and cook him. I’m not sure if turtle soup is available or even considered a delicacy in India. It is well-liked in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia. Up to the 1750s, it enjoyed tremendous popularity in England.

However, they were forced to cease it because of overfishing. The Pacific Pond turtle, the Diamondback Terrapin, and the Common Snapping Turtle are all used to make soup in the USA. I, therefore, want to know how Raymond came to like turtle soup. Who cooked it? Did they make notes from a recipe on YouTube?

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