The Harbinger Ending Explained: How Was The Soul Of Rosalie Restored?

The Harbinger Ending Explained: After enthralling reviewers and moviegoers at film festivals, The Harbinger is now accessible in cinemas and on demand. The setting of The Harbinger in the midst of the COVID pandemic, when we were all imprisoned inside our houses and apprehensive about the future, is excellent since the novel creates a new kind of demon that feeds on fears of solitude and amnesia.

The Harbinger can be confusing to watch on the first viewing, even if writer and director Andy Mitton tries to explain how his original monster behaves and what the film’s meanings are. That’s because the titular devil causes the protagonist Monique (Gabby Beans) and the audience to doubt their existence by interfering with dreams.

We never know when the things we see are simply another dream made up by the demon to sabotage the psyche of its victim. Fortunately, we are here to sort through all of the plot twists and reveal the shocking conclusion.

The Harbinger Ending Explained: How Was The Soul Of Rosalie Restored?

Hawk is already aware of Daniel’s reality as Daniel rushes to her, shocking him. Hawk reveals to him how this dispute came to be. In 1647, the first white-furred immigrants made their way to the area and established themselves there. The natives struggled to comprehend the numerous cultures, myths, deities, and anti-deities that they brought with them.

Lucifer or Luc was the name of their tyrant, the Lord of Death (Charles Hubbell). He went on a murderous spree but was unable to use his power at the neighborhood’s revered cemetery. Rosalie’s soul has been taken by the evil Luc, therefore it makes sense why she prohibited her from going to her holy realm now that we know that.

Eventually, the two sides agreed to a treaty in which they vowed to leave everyone alone. Daniel showed them the item of a warrior and an eagle that was in John’s room, and Luc gave them a key. But in spite of his promise, Luc attacked the natives who crossed the boundary and killed them with the serpentine weapon.

The Harbinger Ending Explained
The Harbinger Ending Explained

Since their followers interred their dead bodies in the locals’ sacred site for generations, neither God nor Luc ever claimed those souls. It was because of this that the villagers cursed him and his supporters. But Luc deceived everyone by asserting that he would ease the curse provided his disciples gathered enough souls.

The truth is that no matter how many souls the harbingers gather, they will never be able to remove this curse. Hawk instructed him to use the dagger to stab his daughter in the heart in order to revive her and expel evil from her. Hawk is taken aback when Daniel gives her “the warrior and eagle relic,” a long-lost representation of how nature and man may coexist.

Daniel tells her that because the left side of the crypt structure was mistakenly built on native ground, Luc’s ability won’t work there. Hawk immediately hands him the key that Luc handed him during this deal in order to open the crypt and perform the resurrection there. There are two entrances to the crypt.

The first is located above ground in the cemetery, while the second can only be reached by way of the tunnel. Hawk wants to use the above-ground entrance but is unsure if Luc will permit Daniel to do so. The underground tunnel road will also be challenging because it is home to several ghostly spirits. Theresa is informed of all their plans when Daniel arrives home.

They poison Rosalie’s drink to entice her to join them, and then John materializes out of nowhere. He says the detective shot himself, and as a result, he believes Daniel is a sign. John asserts that he too is a harbinger and that he was horrified when Daniel initially confessed to him. He consents to take part in Daniel’s scheme, and the two of them accompany Rosalie to the grave.

Even though Hawk continuously requested him to leave, they didn’t want to wait. They enter the crypt and, upon seeing Luke, turn toward the tunnel. Daniel gathered another white relic that wards off evil spirits. They eventually pass through the tunnel housing an infinite number of souls with its help and enter the crypt. Normally, Luc cannot access the crypt.

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However, there is another spherical relic that can be referred to as him inside the crypt. The twist, though, is still to come. John tries to talk Daniel out of stabbing his daughter when everything is set up and he is about to do it. The final straw is now here. He then shows us the sphere-shaped item that can call Luc, much to our great amazement.

Without a doubt, John is a liar who tricked Daniel to keep him from bringing the soul of his child. When they begin to fight, the unnamed man who had obtained Daniel’s bail steps in to save him. Bruce Bohne is an ambassador, an angel who watches over the harbinger even if no one is aware of it. He is the one who suggested to Rosalie that she look for the dagger in the tunnel.

The holy dagger is used by John to kill the emissary, who is then transformed into a relic before being transformed back into the holy dagger. Finally, Luc shows up and lets them know that they are actually harbingered from previous lives. They dropped the serpentine artifacts with such skill in their former lifetimes that Luc was impressed and brought them back.

In their succeeding lifetimes, they continued to be helpful to him, but in this one, Daniel only left behind one relic, and it was for the businessman who had duped him in the Ponzi scam. After that, he didn’t kill a single person, even though they had only been sent to this place to do “work.” He even went so far as to murder an elderly man, but when his granddaughter showed up, he was stopped.

In essence, Daniel did not want to continue his past life’s sin. Luc deliberately sent them to St. Haraldson since that is where all the retiring harbingers are taken because he was so disgusted with them. He was shocked to learn that Daniel’s job was to live in the society of former harbingers before they went to hell, not to kill anyone.

This explains why they saw death and the words “Kill Yourself” so frequently. All of Luc’s suicide victims’ neighbors are summoned and sentenced to hell. Daniel finally asks for his daughter’s life in return for his soul after much struggle, after which he stabs himself. Daniel passes away, and when Rosalie wakes up, she is once more a joyful child. Even better, Daniel regains his life and is reunited with his family.

Daniel starts to wonder how he managed to survive. The card the emissary delivered is mentioned by his daughter. Rosalie concealed the death card in his father’s clothing because, if the soul had been there at the time of the curse, it might be retrieved. The three excitedly emerge from the crypt, but Luc sees their triumph as a test and promises to come back stronger.

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