Butterbean Esch Incredible 200-Pound Weight Loss Adventure!

A former heavyweight boxer, kickboxer, MMA fighter, and professional wrestler from the United States, Eric David Scott Esch (born August 3, 1966) is better known by his ring name “Butterbean”. Esch, a person of German origin, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but the family moved to St. Johns, Michigan, when he was four years old. At the age of 11, they then relocated once more to Jasper, Alabama. His mother passed away when he was eight, and he experienced bullying at school frequently because of his weight. He had a challenging childhood.

His coworkers dared him to compete in a local Toughman Contest after learning about his training in Bay City, Michigan, when he decked flooring for manufactured homes at the Southern Energy Homes facility in Addison, Alabama. After winning the competition, he started a career in combat sports.

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Butterbean Weight Loss

The former super heavyweight boxing champion, Butterbean, disclosed his remarkable weight loss of over 200 pounds over the past few years. The 57-year-old fighter, whose real name is Eric Esch, took to Instagram earlier this week to brag about his physical makeover.

“Look, I’ve never done a public weigh-in, first time, I was 515 about a year-and-a-half ago, two years ago, so let’s see what I weigh now,” he said.

The former pro wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page’s lifestyle rehabilitation center, DDP Yoga, is where Butterbean claimed to be exercising. He stepped up to the scale and registered at 303.8 pounds.

Butterbean said, “I went through a stage where I was looking at the end of my life — not that I was going to kill myself.” “But in my life I was getting down, I was way overweight and just feeling down. I didn’t know if I had a couple of years to live or not.”

Butterbean Weight Loss

The DDP regimen helped him become in the most excellent shape. “And it’s given me more energy and life since I was fighting regularly. But now, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life,” he said.

At one point, Butterbean was one of the most well-known boxers in the entire globe. He won the IBA Super heavyweight title in 1997 by defeating Ed White, and he successfully defended it five times before vacating the title in 2000.

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When Butterbean defeated Bart Gunn at WrestleMania XV in 1999, it was a shoot fight, which means it was genuine and unscripted. Gunn was knocked out in just 34 seconds. In 2013, during a bout in Australia against Kirk Lawton, Butterbean retired due to a shoulder injury. Additionally, he was once the focus of a reality show while working as a reserve deputy in Alabama. In 2011, he weighed 416 pounds at the time.

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