Sasha Pieterse Unveiling of Her PCOS Battle And 70-Pound Gain!

Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer is an American actress, singer, and songwriter born in South Africa on February 17, 1996. She was born in Las Vegas and reared there until relocating to Los Angeles in 2001. Her parents were a professional acrobatic dance team that toured the world. Thus, she grew up with early exposure to a career in entertainment.

Pieterse was homeschooled and received his diploma at age 14. Pieterse’s portrayal of Alison DiLaurentis in the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars and its spin-off Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists may be what makes her most well-known. I’d like you to please stay connected throughout our discussion as we further explore the topic of Sasha Pieterse’s Weight Gain.

Sasha Pieterse Weight Gain

During her teen years, Sasha Pieterse became well-known for her role as Alison DiLaurentis on the hit m*rder-mystery series “Pretty Little Liars.” The now-27-year-old’s figure saw significant transformation during her seven years of appearance on the Freeform series.

During the episode, Pieterse explained how her polycystic ovarian disease caused her to gain 70 pounds. In a recent edition of Taylor Lautner’s “The Squeeze” podcast, she discussed how she visited many doctors to stop her weight gain and relieve her problems.

She said, “This is part of the health issues that I was speaking of while I was going through ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ ” “The changes that were happening to me were documented on camera.”

The “PLL: The Perfectionists” actor revealed that her menstrual cycles were never predictable and that gynecologists had always told her that her body would self-regulate.

But around age 15, she “started noticing a difference in just my metabolism in general.” “At 17, I gained 70 pounds in the year, for no reason. There was no explanation for it,” she claimed.

Sasha Pieterse Weight Gain

The actress, born in South Africa, visited “over 15 gynecologists” to find a solution to her issues. However, other medical professionals attributed Pieterse’s poor diet and inactivity to poor health.

“It was the most frustrating experience and disheartening because no matter what I did, no matter how well I behaved, no matter how great I treated my body, things were actually getting worse rather than better, it was very very confusing,” the mother of one groaned.

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Pieterse said, “So after a long process, someone recommended that I go to an endocrinologist,” She was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal disorder that can lead to irregular periods, weight gain (particularly around the abdomen), acne, infertility, and abundant body hair. “I’d never heard of PCOS before. And it’s a disease, it’s not curable [and] it can be dormant,” she claimed.

The “most frustrating part” of the experience, according to the “This Country Is Bad Ass” singer, was that PCOS is “fairly easy to diagnose.”

“Every woman, everyone has a different experience with it. It could be your period, it could be weird hair growth, it could be major gastro issues, it could be crazy cysts on your ovaries, it could be weight gain,” she said. “I had a lot of those outward symptoms that everyone could see.” She said that having her son, Hendrix, in 2020 positively impacted her ability to manage her PCOS and maintain hormonal balance.

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