When Does The Burger King MW2 Promotion END?

Burger King is a place that sells different kinds of food and drinks in many countries. There are many places where you can buy the brand’s products all over the world. The brand starts up a new promotional offer. A person who does this will not only get a burger but also a number of offers, such as an hour of double XP.

  • People can get their rewards at the MW2 site, which is mtndewgaming.com/login, using an MTN Dew Code.
  • Just “register the account,” and then use the Activision Account to work together.
  • Then, just “add the code” of MTN Dew Product. The code is in the bottom right corner of the MTN Dew Gaming website. Just keep on scrolling.
  • When you next sign in on your chosen platform, the rewards will be shown to you.

This is a simple step-by-step process that can be done in a short amount of time if done right. Along with this, COD points are also given out. In the US, you can get all of the Modern Warfare 2 rewards. Even though the brand is also running a promotion, you can’t take advantage of it in the US.

What is Modern Warfare 2 Meal?

Burger King has a meal called “Modern Warfare 2 meal.” A person will get a burger, fries as well as drinks. But it might be different in different places. Along with this, the meal will give a person an exclusive operator skin and double XP every hour.

Burger King MW2 Promotion END
Burger King MW2 Promotion END

This year, you can get the Modern Warfare 2 meal on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC starting October 28. More than 40 countries have Burger King stores where you can buy the meal. After making a purchase, a person gets a code that can be used again. To get the offer and redeem the code, you need to follow a set of steps.

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When Does The Burger King MW2 Promotion END?

The Burger King MW2 offer is still good until March 28, 2023. There are several countries where the offer is valid. On October 17, 2022, the products or promotion began. The Burger King MW2 promotion comes with a lot of perks for those who sign up. Let’s take a look at the prizes you can win if you buy Mountain Dew:

  • Dual 2XP or a Weapon 2XP that varies with the purchase
  • Points COD.
  • MTN Dew Operator Skin

All of these depend on what you buy. This will become clearer from the table:

  • With game fuel—15 Minutes Daul 2XP
  • Along with 24 pack—120 Minutes Dual 2XP/150 COD points
  • 20 OZ Products—30 Minutes Dual 2XP
  • With 12 Pack—60 Minutes Dual 2XP/75COD.

What Food Does MW2 Meal Come With?

With the MW2 meal from Burger King, a person gets a burger, fries, drinks, an operator skin, and time to enjoy the double XP. This is an example of a meal, but it might be different in other places. There are a lot of good things that come with this meal. The rewards you get depend on what you buy and are described above. This also gives the person a chance to earn COD points. By signing up on the MW site, it’s easy to use these points.

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