Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay 2022?

Do you know anything about Dollar General? You can easily save money at Dollar General by taking advantage of the different deals they offer. Dollar General has a lot of good deals, which is why most people like to shop there.

In the 47 states, there are more than 18000 Dollar General stores. It means that there are probably a lot of stores near you where you can buy different things at reasonable prices. At Dollar General, it’s easy to find beauty products, groceries, household items, and much more.

Does Apple Pay work at Dollar General? Apple Pay is a great payment system and digital wallet that lets you pay for things quickly, safely, and when it’s most convenient for you. It is one of the best mobile payment services from Apple Inc. that lets users pay quickly in Ios apps, in person, or on the web. So, Apple Pay is great in general, but does Dollar General take it? Many stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method, but not all of them do. To use Apple Pay to buy things, you should find out how many stores accept them.

The topic here is dollar generals. Read the article to find out if Apple Pay works at Dollar General.

Does Dollar general accept apple pay 2022?

No is the clear answer. Apple Pay is not a payment method that can be used at Dollar General. Dollar General said on Twitter in July 2020 that some of its stores had been updated to accept Apple Pay, but it turned out that the company does not accept Apple Pay in its stores.

Dollar General Accept Apple Pay
Dollar General Accept Apple Pay

Dollar General would rather have people use their mobile wallet, which is called DG GO and lets people shop and pay with their phones. DG GO doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method because they already have a payment app called DG GO.

Dollar General likes to push its digital payment methods instead of Apple Pay and other payment methods. It means they only want and let their customers buy things with their payment wallet, DG GO.

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How do I pay at Dollar General with Apple Pay?

At Dollar General, you can pay for things quickly with your iPhone. Dollar General doesn’t even accept Apple Pay, but you can still use your iPhone if you download the DG GO app.

First, make sure to find out whether Dollar General near you accepts the DG GO payment system. Only then should you start shopping at Dollar General with your iPhone. Since you can’t apply at Dollar General, you can only use DG GO to make payments at the general dollar store. Here’s what you need to do to use the DG GO in the store.

  1. Download the DG GO app on your iPhone.

You must first put the DG Go app on your iPhone. Before you do this, you should check the General Dollar website to see if the DG GO app is supported at your local store.

Once you know the General Dollar Store works with the DG GO app, you should put it on your iPhone.

  1. Make the DG GO account.

On the DG GO app, you need to make a general dollar account to get the digital coupons you can use to buy things. You’ll need to give basic information about yourself and add your payment methods and credit card information. Then you’ll be ready to shop at a general dollar store.

  1. Scan items

Then, you must scan the items you want to buy from the general dollar store. The best part is that the DG GO app can keep track of your shopping budget when you scan items.

  1. Checkout

You will find a different checkout area that works with the DG Go app. After choosing the items you want to buy, you must click the checkout button on the DG GO app to finish. After that, you’ll get a QR Code to scan.

When you use a QR code to make a payment, the payment is processed, and a receipt is sent to you.

  1. Bag and Go

After the DG GO app sends you a receipt and a message, you can bag your items with the following bags to your iPhone. The DG GO app saves you time in this way.

Do they take Apple Wallets at Dollar General?

It has been decided that Dollar General does not work with any mobile wallet from a third party. It means you can’t use Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, etc., at Dollar General. Dollar General only takes DG GO, which is the only mobile wallet. You can also use PayPal to buy things from online Dollar General stores.

But now, Dollar General does not accept Apple Wallets or other third-party mobile wallets. So, you can buy things at the general dollar store with your Apple Wallet.

Dollar general payment methods

As it’s obvious, Dollar General doesn’t take Apple Pay. Dollar General also takes payments in a few other ways. You can pay with cash or a personal check at general dollar stores. Customers can also use all of the major credit cards at this store.

Dollar General stores also take PayPal as a form of payment. You can quickly pay at a Dollar General store with any of the above options besides cash and checks. Dollar General does not have a layaway plan to accept the applied pay, though.

Along with the above payment methods, DG GO, owned by Dollar General, is the best way for customers to pay. But not every Dollar General store supports the DG GO, so before you use it, you should check to see if the stores near you do.

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How long does it take to pay at Dollar General with Apple Pay?

You can’t use Apple Pay to buy things at Dollar General. So, there is no way to know how much it costs to pay with Apple Pay in dollars.