Blight Survival Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Gamers are enthralled by the mysterious and action-packed first trailer for Blight: Survival. People are now eager to learn the Blight: Survival release date and any other tidbits of information about the game after it appeared out of nowhere. Fans all across the world have undoubtedly been drawn to Blight: Survival by its original idea, slick gameplay, and stunning visuals. Something fresh is welcome in a sector where sequels and enduring franchises are commonplace.

particularly when it appears this fantastic. We’ve all been duped by stunning game trailers that end up being disappointing. Blight: Survival, on the other hand, appears undeniably promising. Gamers are anticipating its debut, based on reactions to its initial trailer on YouTube. What day will Blight: Survival be released? What further information do we have about this intriguing new game?

Blight: Survival Release Date

Games are wondering, “When does Blight: Survival come out?” with such excitement following that wonderfully intriguing video. Blight: Survival’s publisher, Haenir Studio, has yet to formally announce a release date. On Steam, it is merely marked as “Coming Soon”.

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It was described as pre-alpha gaming in a recent clip. It follows that the game is still in its early stages of development. However, a late 2023 delivery date is not out of the question. However, given Blight: Survival’s present level of development, a 2024 release appears far more feasible.

Who Makes Blight: Survival?

Haenir Studio, a new creator, is creating Blight: Survival. Blight: Survival is their debut title, according to their Steam catalog. However, the creators themselves most likely have prior experience. Blight is Haenir Studio’s debut title, thus it’s hard to tell what to anticipate from the end product.

The studio has between 2 and 10 employees, according to its LinkedIn page, and is headquartered in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. Early footage of Blight: Survival is amazing for such a small crew.

What Is Blight: Survival About?

The genre-blending concept of Blight: Survival is among its more intriguing features. A medieval zombie action-horror game is what it is. Blight: Survival is a planned cooperative action-horror roguelite set in an alternate 14th century, according to its official Steam description.

The globe appears to have been ravaged by a sinister illness known as the “Blight” based on the gameplay trailer. Enemies seem to be undead creatures who have come back to life.
They can be eliminated by the player using a range of terrible medieval weapons.

Does It Use Unreal Engine 5?

Blight: It looks like we’ll survive. Many have therefore inquired as to whether it utilizes Unreal Engine 5. According to the majority of sources, the game does utilize Unreal Engine 5. And it manifests. The artwork in Blight: Survival vividly depicts the gruesome reality of a zombie plague-ravaged alternate 14th century.

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Blight: Survival Will It Be On Xbox One and PS5?

“Will Blight: Survival Be On PS5 and Xbox?” is one of the key queries posed by curious fans. At this time, it doesn’t appear that Blight: Survival will be released for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X. Only the PC version has been verified. However, it is still completely feasible that Blight: Survival may eventually be released on consoles following the first PC release. A console release might be required if the game is a big hit.