Is There Any Information On How Blazin Squad Came To Be? Read Here!

The band Blazin’ Squad peaked at number one with their song Crossroads about two decades ago, but since then, they’ve taken divergent paths.

A R&B-inspired album, The Beginning, and six further top-10 songs for the band’s ten members followed their first triumph.

The band had two gold records and sold-out stadium tours during their time together, including a headlining performance at Wembley Stadium.

They all met in high school and were brought together by their passion of music, according to Mirror Online.

Although the Squad’s Hollywood careers came to a halt, they ended up taking quite different courses thereafter.

Check out what Kenzie, Strider and Freek are up to these days in this article.

One of the band’s best-known characters, Kenzie became a tabloid favourite after the band disbanded because of his many high-profile relationships.
During the same year that he went on Celebrity Big Brother, Kenzie started dating Jodie Marsh.

While Kenzie’s relationship with Marsh was quite public, it ended quickly, and he’s been dating his current girlfriend since 2012, with whom he has two children, Wynter and Wyllow.

Given that Kenzie is now 35 years old as a personal trainer at Studio 23, even longtime admirers may have difficulty distinguishing him.

Because of Marcel’s presence on Love Island in 2017, Rocky B – Marcel Sommervile Blazin’ Squad had a short rise in popularity.

It was a humorous attempt by the rapper to keep his time in the boy band a well kept secret, until he decided to reveal it one by one to the other islanders.

Fans gathered outside the mansion to relive the golden days of the band, which led to members of the band performing on nightclub PAs this summer.

Marcel found love again when his relationship with co-star Gabby Allen came to an end, this time with his present girlfriend Rebecca.

Their first child, a male called Roman, was born in late January.

On Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant, Marcel and Rebecca want to reveal all about the specifics of their pregnancy and the delivery.

Blazin Squad

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When Oliver Georgiou, formerly known as Freek, decided to pursue a career in corporate finance rather than music, he ditched his eccentric stage name and entered the music business.

He has, however, returned to his old passion of managing bands.

After Marcel’s stay on Love Island, Oliver was asked to participate on the E4 programme Tattoo Fixers to get his left bicep inked.

Olivier had the date of The Squad’s first number one and the day they signed their record deal tattooed on his bicep during their heyday.

With the help of the specialists, the inking was changed to a more stunning homage to their work – including a flaming microphone.

Mustafa Omer – Strider and James Murray – Flava

Flava and Strider formed their own songwriting and production firm as Blazin’ Squad’s fame waned.

It’s been a busy few years for Strider, who has written songs for some of the UK’s most popular singers.

La La La was the song he co-wrote and co-produced for Sam Smith and Naughty Boy. In addition, Mustafa is now married to someone else.

Sam Foulkes

When the opportunity arises, Sam apparently works in the import/export sector, but he still performs with the rest of the Blazin’ Squad whenever possible.

When Marcel made an appearance on the third season of Love Island, he was outspoken in his support for his mate, and in his Twitter profile, he openly touts his membership in the ’00s boyband.

Chris McKeckney – Melo-d –

According to reports, Chris McKeckney is now working as an engineer after quitting the music industry. His natural black hair has been bleached peroxide blond by the singer, who is now sporting a nose piercing and a new look.

In place of the gelled locks and shaven brows of his adolescence, Stuart now sports a full beard and designer stubble.

He currently works for the BBC as a media manager and is married to Zoe, a Welsh native. According to their social media posts, the couple loves nothing more than taking long vacations in faraway places.

“Krazy” by Lee Bailey

For Lee, the end of Blazin’ Squad was not a time to return to the spotlight.

In 2004, Lee told the Manchester Evening News that if the band broke up, he’d prefer to continue in the business.

This is what he had to say: “I’m debating whether or not to pursue a solo career or begin writing. You never know what you’ll do; I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer from the age of five.”

“Tony” Tommy B of the DJs (Tom Beasley)

Tommy, like his friend Lee, has decided to leave the entertainment industry.

However, he hasn’t completely abandoned music. Previously, Tommy was a DJ.

One rumour has it that Tommy came up with the concept for Crossroads, which helped propel the band to chart success.

Last Words-

A sold-out Wembley headlining show was one of the highlights of the band’s short but successful career. The band’s 10 members all met in high school and became friends over a similar passion for music. Although the Squad’s Hollywood careers came to a halt, they ended up taking quite different courses thereafter.

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