Canada: Thousands protest against mandatory vaccine in Ottawa


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Protesters against the vaccine passport gather in front of the Canadian Parliament, in Ottawa.| Photo: Playback/Twitter

The Canadian capital is the scene of protest against sanitary measures related to Covid-12 in this Saturday (20). The mobilization began to be called to demand the end of the mandatory complete vaccination against the coronavirus for truck drivers who make transnational routes, but gained the support of protesters not linked to the logistics sector as convoys of trucks started the trip to Ottawa, still during the week. According to the local security authorities, the number of participants is expected to reach thousand by the end of the day.

The act takes place in a peaceful way, but the great mobilization sparked an alert in public security and the city had police Despite minimizing the possibility of violence on the part of the protesters, the chief of the Ottawa police service, Peter Sloly, did not rule out the risk of action by “lone wolves” or demonstrations parallel to the central cause, according to information from The New York Times.

The Canadian government started to require a vaccination passport from truck drivers who make routes between the country and the United States on the day 15 of January. A week later, in 17 of January, the USA has also adopted mandatory for transport workers who cross its borders by land.

Various media recorded the demonstrations. See, below, two summaries of local newspapers:

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