APB Season 2 Canceled: How Many Episodes Does It Have?

APB Season 2 Canceled: Have you always been fascinated by technological progress? If so, you could seek a television show that accurately portrays how it might benefit us in the future and make life easier while still having its advantages and drawbacks. Then this television program was made just for you.

Most fans who have already watched the show’s first season are unaware of the APB, which stands for all pointers bulletin. The second season of this television series was announced for release in 2016, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting it. The television program has also garnered some excellent reviews from critics, and its fan base is widely dispersed over the globe.

The show was produced by Fox Studios and has a 6.8 IMDb rating, which is not excellent but is still fairly respectable. This show is worth a watch based on what we have read in the reviews. Now we’ll get to the primary query that our readers have been asking us about for a while: whether this show has been canceled or if a second season will be forthcoming.

According to information from the show’s creators, a second season will not be produced for this program. However, we must let you know that many successful shows like this that have been canceled for various reasons eventually get taken over by other studios, who continue to release new seasons to the public. There is therefore always a possibility.

APB Season 2 Was Canceled By Fox

Fox has some great news for a couple of projects, including the series order for Matt Nix’s X-Men-until-it-isn’t drama Gifted and the Season 4 renewal for the comic-smashing criminal thriller Gotham. However, not every series was as fortunate, and today the network guillotined three of its debut shows from the 2016–2017 season.

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Along with Justin Kirk’s technologically complex A.P.B., the half-animated comedy Son of Zorn and the time-traveling comedy Making History will no longer air during primetime. A.P.B., a midseason entry, featured Justin Kirk, Natalie Martinez, Ernie Hudson, and others in its tale of a billionaire’s attempt to transform Chicago’s police force in gadget-embracing ways.

A.P.B. debuted in February to respectable viewing and critical demo ratings. Still, the show’s underwhelming reception from reviewers and fans didn’t help it stay above water, even if the second half of the season was consistent. We shouldn’t anticipate seeing this one up for auction to other networks and studios.

APB Season 2 Canceled
APB Season 2 Canceled

The Half-Animated, Half-Live Action, Son of Zorn, was the first item that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The Lego Movie made after The Last Man on Earth’s success led to a comprehensive agreement. A humorous look at a barbarian going to Orange County to mend things with his wife (Cheryl Hines) and son Alan/Alangulon was shown in Julius Sharpe’s comedy Son of Zorn (Johnny Pemberton).

Son of Zorn wasn’t precisely a rating hit, as you might guess from its ranking on this list, and its stunning Sunday night debut figures quickly declined. Later in its run, things began to stabilize, but no matter what night it airs, a network finale that draws 1.5 million viewers won’t likely last long.

APB Season 2 Story

If it occurs in the future, we may anticipate some changes to the plot in the show’s second season. Some have complained that the action dwindled and became uninteresting near the conclusion. However, we can expect that the actual scene remains the same. Gideon Reeves will still be present and active, even if he was relieved of his district 13 duties in the previous season.

And now that he has to reclaim what was illegally taken from him, we will see the police officers who understood his motivation and agreed with it supporting him in his mission. As in the previous season, we will see new cases and how highly developed police officers handle the situation.

APB Season 2 Cast

The previous show featured a fantastic ensemble, and if season 2 is produced, we may anticipate seeing the same cast again. Then, we’ll be able to see Justin Kirk playing the part of Gideon. Then, we’ll witness many more fantastic performers like Taylor Handley, Natalie Martinez, and Caitlin Stasey.

APB Season 2 Trailer

As we have already stated, the show has already been canceled; hence, a season 2 trailer has not yet been released. However, the show’s season one trailer is currently accessible online.

Where Can We Watch APB?

The show’s first season is online on Amazon Prime Videos, Vudu, and Apple TV. If a second season of the show is produced, we may anticipate it to be accessible for streaming only on these services.


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Frequently Asked Questions About APB Season 2

Is APB suspended?

APB has been formally terminated. There won’t be a second season.

When was APB first released?

APB was initially released on February 6, 2017, a Monday.

How many seasons are there in APB?

There has only ever been one season.

Does Netflix have APB?

We don’t keep track of Netflix release dates, but NetflixDates lets you see if APB will be available there.

When does APB start broadcasting?

APB aired on FOX at TBA ET/TBA PT. You can also look up the APB’s broadcast times in various time zones.