Kel Mitchell Net Worth 2023 : How Much Money Does He Have?

Do you want to know How Much Is Kel Mitchell Net Worth? Kel Mitchell was born in the United States on August 25, 1978. He is a well-known TV actor. Kel Mitchell’s net worth as of December 2022 is $3 Million. In the comedy Mystery Men, which came out in 1999, he played the part of Invisible Boy.

Kel Mitchell Net Worth: How much money does He have?

Kel Mitchell is an American actor, comedian, rapper, screenwriter, producer, parodist, dancer, and musician with a net worth of $3 million.

Kel Mitchell Net Worth
Kel Mitchell Net Worth

Kel Mitchell is known for his role on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy show All That, but he is also a good voice actor and actor in movies. Kel Mitchell also shows up on a number of reality TV shows and game shows.


Early Years

Kel Johari Rice Mitchell was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 25, 1978. Kel Mitchell grew up on the South Side with two sisters. When he was in high school, he took drama classes.

All That and Kenan and Kel

Kel Mitchell became well-known when he played a main, recurring role on All That from the first to the fifth season. The series won a number of awards and led to a number of spin-offs and follow-ups. Kel Mitchell is known for working with Kenan Thompson, starting with the show Kenan and Kel, which ran from 1996 to 2000. One of the sketches from All That was turned into a full-length movie called Good Burger. Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson were in it again. Both actors have also been in shows like Sister, The Steve Harvey Show, Cousin Skeeter, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Another Job

Kel Mitchell played the Invisible Boy in Mystery Men, a superhero comedy by Ben Stiller that came out in 1999. Even though it had a lot of big names in it, Mystery Men got average reviews and was a huge box office failure, making only $33 million on a budget of $68 million.

Kel Mitchell is also known for playing the voice of Clifford the Big Red Dog in the TV show of the same name. He was the voice of the character T-Bone in the show. He also gave Dutch his voice in the Disney XD show Motorcity. During the 2000s, she also worked as a co-host for Dance 360 and made appearances on One on-One and BET’s Take the Cake. In 2006, he was in Like Mike 2: Streetball, the second part of the Like Mike movie.

After a rumor spread on MySpace that Kel Mitchell had died, he got a part in the movie Honeydripper in 2007. He then wrote and produced the movie Dance Fu and acted in several stage shows in Detroit. Kel Mitchell became even better known after he was on G4’s Attack of the Show!

Kel Mitchell stayed in children’s shows for the rest of his career. He had a recurring role on PBS’s Curious George and a guest role on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat, his most famous ones. Mitchell was also a rapper in the Nickelodeon comedy show Game Shakers. He has also been on TV shows like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “Double Dare,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Kel Mitchell is the host of the show Tails of Valor, which tells the true stories of how service animals have helped people in need. Mitchell is also in charge of the 2019 reboot of All That, in which he has a recurring role.


Kel Mitchell got married to Tyisha Hampton-Mitchell in 1999, but they split up in 2005. Then, in 2012, Kel Mitchell married the rapper Asia Lee, and the two had a child together. Mitchell and his wife won an award for their show, The Back House Party, which they did with their kids.

Personal Life

Kel Mitchell is a Christian, but he didn’t become one until he was an adult. He is also a spokesperson for the Black College Expo and a Spirit Food Christian Center youth pastor.

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