Why Camilla Will Be Called Queen Consort of United Kingdom?

After his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died, King Charles III became king. His wife Camilla, who was the Duchess of Cornwall, will now be called Queen Consort.

The title used to be given to the king’s wife, but Charles’s divorce from Princess Diana in 1996 made things more complicated. When they broke up, the Church of England was very against divorce strongly. People liked and still liked Diana a lot, so many people thought Camilla shouldn’t have taken the title out of respect for Diana.

But on the eve of the 70th anniversary of her reign, the Queen put an end to questions about Camilla’s title in February. In a statement, Queen Elizabeth II said it was her “most sincere wish that, when the time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.” This was the first time the Queen had acknowledged Camilla’s role in the monarchy.

In response to what his mother said in February, Charles said, “We are very aware of the honor that my mother’s wish stands for.” “My sweet wife has always been there for me as we worked together to serve and help Her Majesty and the people in our communities,” he said.

will camilla be queen?
Will Camilla be queen?

Camilla will be called Queen Consort, which means she is married to a king instead of the queen because people who marry into the royal family can’t take the throne. The last Queen consort was Queen Elizabeth II’s mother. After King George VI died and her daughter took the throne, she became known as the Queen Mother.

Experts on the royal family agree that this decision was made to make Charles’s move to the throne easier, especially since he has a complicated public image. Arianne Chernock, a professor at Boston University, once told the New York Times, “It seems to me that the more he can say he is following in the footsteps of his mother and carrying out her vision, the better for him.”

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After the press found out that Camilla and Charles were having an affair, they were criticized for many years. Diana, who died in 1997, was loved around the world, and she blamed Camilla for why her marriage didn’t work out. Some people thought this would make it impossible for Camilla to marry Charles or be called Queen. Camilla did not take Diana’s title of Princess of Wales after they got married in 2005. Instead, she chose the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

Even though the public’s opinion of Camilla has changed a lot in the 25 years since Diana’s death, there is still a lot of disagreement about whether she should get the title. A poll taken in May 2022 found that only 20% of British people thought Camilla should be called “Queen Consort.” Nearly 40% thought she should be called “Princess Consort.”

Now that Charles is king, he has to fill big shoes, too. According to a YouGov poll, Charles is the seventh most liked member of the royal family. Nearly a quarter of Brits say they don’t like him. Queen Elizabeth II, on the other hand, had a high approval rating of 75% on the day she died.

Camilla’s new title gives her a bigger role at his coronation, which, by royal tradition, won’t happen for a few months. For the latest updates, stay tuned to our site Nog Magazine.