Who Is Keke Palmer? From Nickelodeon Star To MTV VMAs Host and Beyond

Keke Palmer has been a popular face since the time she launched her career. The actress who started gaining popularity with her own Nickelodeon series has proven time and again that sky’s the limit. She created her own career out of sheer hard work and soon, the world started recognizing her. Now, you may see her on big screens doing appearances in big shows but how did it all start, and who is KeKe Palmer in reality? Let’s get to know the star from a close perspective, something you wouldn’t know.

Who Is Keke Palmer?

The girl who used to sing in the church choir when she was only 5, Palmer was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois. She started her acting career with her role in “Barbershop 2: Back in Business” which was released in 2004. But with the aim of building something for herself, Keke got her success early with the hit Nickelodeon series, “True Jackson, VP” which aired from 2008 to 2011. The show was majorly appreciated and created history. Palmer got her own BET talk show and became the first-ever Black actress to play the classic role of Cinderella on Broadway. 

During a 2016 interview with Essence, she said, “I waited my entire life for a moment like that,” “I hate saying it was a huge deal that I was the first African American to ever be a part of this musical. It’s great, but I also want people to feel like it’s crazy because it shouldn’t always be this way. But I loved that my little brother and sister got to watch this show and actually see a diverse world just like the one around them.”

The actress started growing in her career and started getting meaningful roles in movies like “Scream Queens,” “Star,” and many more. Moreover, she started her own music label as she had already created her music with three labels and so she launched Big Boss Entertainment.

The actress even hosted the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards and during her Billboard interview in 2018, she said, “It’s about empowering myself,” “I want to empower my peers, so they also feel they’re not a part of the old way of doing things and be a part of the big bosses. Big Boss is about me helping expand and using what I know. I’m not always going to be Keke Palmer the entertainer, but it’s meant for me to get outside and move to the forefront. That’s what I’m building towards.”

As a matter of fact, Keke claims to dream about doing stand-up comedy. Her talent and potential are enough to land even the biggest roles. That’s why, she has explored her acting genre and done comedy, series and recently was in Jordan Peele’s “Nope”. It seems like Keke is only getting bigger and better roles that are making her career thrive.

Who Is Keke Palmer Dating?

Keke is currently dating famous actor Darius Daulton. The stars met each other at the high-profile Memorial Day Party in May 2021. Well, the 28-year-old Palmer went Instagram public with her relationship only after dating for a few months. Palmer may be very open about her professional life, but about her personal life, she is quite guarded. Whatever happens behind the screens in Keke and Darius’s life is hard to find anywhere as the couple is private in that matter.

Who Is Keke Palmer Dating ?
Who Is Keke Palmer Dating?

Once Keke said that she tends to keep her “private life outside” of the work-life and avoids being in relationships with people from the entertainment industry. Though she is maintaining the privacy of her love life, she couldn’t resist dating someone from the industry when she met Darius. The couple has the most of their time and they are getting to know each other more.

As of now, Keke isn’t engaged but if things go on the right track, she might get hitched soon. Keke is now at the prime time of her career and she is getting massive projects. So, the future seems brighter for Keke Palmer; she is manifesting a lot of success and an abundance of love.

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