Who Is Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown?

Do you want to know Who Is Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown? Fans got their first look at Uncle Howdy in the most recent WWE SmackDown. The grotesque person who looks like the Night King will probably be a big part of the Wyatt 6 coming together.

Most think Uncle Howdy is Bray Wyatt’s inner demon or alter ego. Wyatt can sometimes be completely controlled by a dark side of himself that is buried deep inside him.

On WWE SmackDown, the lights went out as an unknown person or thing cut into Wyatt’s promo, exposing him as a fake.

“Who am I? I’m just a ghost of the man who cured the world of course. You are a fool. You cured the world. You sent him away. And now, the reason why you are just a shell of who you once were. I will teach you to revel in what you are. But you sir, you are a liar. You claim not to wear a mask, but we both know that’s not true don’t we? You will never be able to hide from me.” [H/T Comicbook]

The company shows how Wyatt struggles with the good and the bad inside of him. Uncle Howdy is a great example of the second part.

The 35-year-old actor is playing two versions of his old self. The normal one is shy and caring, while the other wants him to be more like The Fiend and embrace his darker side.

During the most recent WWE SmackDown promo, Wyatt talked more about his problem. Before Uncle Howdy came on stage, he took the mic and talked about his demons and a “dark place” he had been in.

Who Is Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown?
Who Is Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown? (Source)

My emotions don’t work like most other people’s. I don’t always have control. Sometimes, they can send me to a very dark place. Other times, I just don’t feel anything at all…There’s a part of me that really likes that I’m willing to do some truly awful things.”Another idea is that Uncle Howdy is not the same person at all. He is the source of Bray Wyatt’s supernatural abilities. He wants Bray Wyatt to go back to being a demon and yells at him for not showing his violent side.

The Fiend is said to be a member of the legendary Wyatt 6, and the former WWE Champion will fit right into that role if the group ever comes to be.

The final truth about the Wyatt 6 might have to wait until Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy’s personalities merge or something else. The former Universal Champion hasn’t been in the squared circle since returning because he is still fighting his past demons.

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Who Is Uncle Howdy on WWE SmackDown?

People are making many guesses about who Uncle Howdy is on social media. Even if you don’t believe in the two-personality theory, fans think that the famous person who plays the creepy character is directly linked to Bray Wyatt.

Uncle Howdy could be Wyatt’s real-life brother Bo Dallas. This is the most obvious idea. It is said that Mr. NXT will soon return to WWE SmackDown and team up with his brother Bray.

Barry Windham, Bray’s “uncle” and a former NWA World Champion, is linked to the latest mystery hunt in a ground-breaking way. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful said that Barry looks like Howdy because he has a mustache and his face is the same shape.

Tyler Bateman, a star of independent promotions and NJPW, is also said to be working with Wyatt. In 2018, he tried out for the WWE.

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