Who Is the Murder Mystery Killer? What happens in the Netflix New Movie?

Who Is the Murder Mystery Killer? Murder Mystery, a recent Netflix release, is essentially Clue brought to life. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play married New York City couple Nick and Audrey Spitz, who have been together for 15 years but have never taken a honeymoon.

The couple befriends Charles Cavendish, a royal Britisher, on the flight to Europe (Luke Evans). Charles extends an invitation to the group to cancel their original plans and instead celebrate on his uncle Malcolm Quince’s (Terence Stamp) yacht. But as soon as they board, Malcolm is discovered dead from a single stab wound. So, in Murder Mystery, who is the murderer? Find out by reading on.

What happens in Murder Mystery?

When Audrey and Nick board the plane for their honeymoon in economy class, Murder Mystery begins. Nick keeps bugging Audrey to declare that “the butler did it” while Audrey is presciently reading a murder mystery, which kind of lingers with viewers who know that the couple would soon be involved in their own murder investigation.

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Then, not long after they board the yacht owned by Charles’ family, his rich uncle Malcolm is discovered dead from a stab wound. The worst part is that Nick and Audrey, who were in their bedroom the entire time, are falsely accused of the crime because they are the only outsiders to the rest of the group, and even worse: Americans!

Who Is the Murder Mystery Killer
Who Is the Murder Mystery Killer

This prompts Audrey, a fan of murder mysteries, and her detective husband Nick to look into the whole incident on the DL in an attempt to identify the genuine perpetrator and clear their identities before they are arrested and charged.

Who Is the Murder Mystery Killer?

It appears that any one of them may have killed Malcolm once the group knows he is dead. They all stand to gain by his passing, after all. However, the American couple eventually gets one of the visitors—actress Grace (Gemma Arterton)—to confess to the crime. In the end, Grace was the one who stabbed Malcolm, but it turns out that her entire career and financial support depended on how close she kept Malcolm and his money.

Even if she wasn’t the murderer, that isn’t the biggest twist. She was Malcolm’s estranged daughter, that’s what! The uneasy tension that resulted from Malcolm’s desire for a boy to inherit his riches turned out to be the reason why the father and daughter had grown apart.

Why Was Malcolm Killed?

Grace was not having it when she learned that Suzi, Malcolm’s extremely young fiancée (Shioli Kutsuna), would be receiving her father’s money instead of her. She chose race-car driver Juan Carlos Rivera (Luis Gerardo Méndez) as her accomplice in her plan to kill her father before he could sign away his wealth.

All of this is revealed when Grace is detained and Nick and Audrey are speaking with Inspector Delacroix about all the details. It is discovered that Juan Carlos lied about not speaking English in order to blend in during this whole ordeal, but he is not about to give up without a fight. An automobile pursuit in which they attempt to apprehend Juan Carlos ends with a bus running over him.

Which is a huge relief since he had just been holding Nick and Audrey at gunpoint. The pair eventually receives free Orient Express tickets as a gift at the conclusion of the film, cementing the already clear allusion to Agatha Christie. If Netflix ever releases a sequel, perhaps we’ll get to see Nick and Audrey solve another murder case while riding the train.

You can watch the trailer below:

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