Who Is The Beyonder? Marvel’s Most Powerful Villain

Do you want to know Who Is The Beyonder? If you’ve read a lot of Marvel Comics, you might know who the Beyonder is. In 1984, Marvel Comics put on its first event that included all of its properties. This was called “Secret Wars.” At this level, regular bad guys weren’t enough. Marvel needed a threat that was so big that it could bring together all of its heroes and villains, so the Beyonder was created.

The Beyonder was introduced as an incomprehensible being from another dimension, one that was outside of the normal Marvel Universe. He was just all-powerful, and he could play with the lives of even the most powerful characters, like Galactus, like they were toys in his hands. The Beyonder will be back as the bad guy in a new Defenders: Beyond series by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez, which will come out in June 2022. So, there has never been a better time to look back at the Beyonders’ past as Marvel’s most powerful bad guy.

Who Is The Beyonder?

At first, the Beyonder was the most powerful being in another reality. A failed science experiment that turned Owen Reece into the Molecule Man pulled the Beyonder into the Marvel Multiverse. Once he got there, he started to look around at this strange and interesting world, which changed him. He was interested in how mortals felt desire, something he had never felt before, and wanted to try it out for himself. During the Secret Wars, he kidnapped a lot of superheroes and supervillains and took them to a place he made called Battleworld, where the two groups fought and the winner could have anything they wanted. So, the Beyonder could see if the thing that drove people the most was good or bad. In the end, Doctor Doom was able to take the Beyonder’s power for a short time. After getting it back, the creature sent its captives back to Earth and disappeared.

Who Is The Beyonder?
Who Is The Beyonder? (Source)

Secret Wars, which was written by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, and John Beatty, was actually made after Mattel asked Marvel to make a new line of toys based on the publisher’s characters. The event would be used to promote and sell the product, and the limited-edition Secret Wars series became the best-selling comic book series in the last 25 years. This gave Marvel the idea to do company-wide crossovers every year, which they still do and have grown so much that there are now several events going on at the same time.

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The Beyonder Comes Back

In fact, Secret Wars was so popular that Marvel made a sequel just four months after it came out.

The Beyonder was no longer happy to just watch. He or she wanted to know what it was like to be one of these interesting but weaker creatures. He made a body for himself and talked to many other characters, both heroes and villains. The combination of the Beyonder’s unlimited power and his desire to feel desire like a human was dangerous, so the Molecule Man took advantage of a moment of weakness to destroy the Beyonder’s body and send his energy into another universe. Secret Wars II wasn’t as popular as the first one, but Marvel still wouldn’t leave the Beyonder alone.

In Fantastic Four vol. 1 #319 by Steve Englehart, Keith Pollard, Joe Sinnott, and George Roussos, the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom go to the Beyonder’s universe, where they meet the Molecule Man and two other “supreme” beings, Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds. In that story, it is revealed that the Beyonder was actually the result of a failed attempt to make a Cosmic Cube, a structure with almost unlimited energy that a mysterious race of extradimensional beings called the Beyonders “gift” to lesser species to help them evolve. The Beyonder and the Molecule Man both got some of the energy from this Cube. This is why the Beyonder felt like he was missing something and tried to fill that void with his Secret Wars. The Beyonder and Reece finally joined together, and just like Kubik and the Shaper, they grew into a “mature” Cosmic Cube.

The Illuminati, a group of heroes who have been secretly running things behind the scenes in the Marvel Universe, changed the Beyonder’s story again. Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, and Justin Ponsor wrote New Avengers: Illuminati #3. In it, Professor Xavier said that he read the Beyonder’s mind during the first Secret Wars and found out that he was an Inhuman mutant who became godlike after going into the Terrigen Mist. Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, was also a member of the Illuminati. He told the Beyonder to leave their universe, which changed how Secret Wars II ended.

This was changed again, though, in the lead-up to Marvel’s second big event, Secret Wars, which revealed the truth about the Beyonders. In New Avengers #30, by Jonathan Hickman, Dalibor Talija, and Rick Magyar, Hank Pym comes back from exploring a Multiverse that is falling apart and says that the Beyonders are the cause of the Incursion and the slow death of everything. He also says that the Beyonder the heroes of Earth met before was still “a child unit” that needed more time to grow up. In an interview with CBR, Jonathan Hickman made it clear that the Beyonder the Illuminati met was just a construction. This meant that the Inhuman origin story was no longer needed. This also put the Beyonder back to where he started, which was as a creature that was better than most of Marvel’s cosmic beings.

Where Did the Beyonders Go?

During the second Secret Wars, Doctor Doom got all of the Beyonders to come out and then killed them. He then took their power and fixed what was left of reality after the Incursions. This should have been the end of the most dangerous threat the Marvel Universe has ever faced, but there are signs that the Beyonders may have survived in some way. The Beyond Corporation is a shady business that seems to be run by a different group of Beyonders who lived through Secret Wars.

So, what about the first Beyonder? His role in the upcoming Defenders: Beyond series could be part of a larger conflict in the Marvel Universe set up by writer Al Ewing and artist Javier Rodriguez. Since Ewing wrote the Captain America and the Mighty Avengers series, which has ties to the Beyond Corporation, it is possible that this new series will link the Beyond Corporation to the Beyonder and show what happened to Marvel’s most powerful villain.

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