Who Is Justice Brooks? What Happened To Him?

Justice Brooks, who lives in Atlanta and is 19 years old, has Sick Cell Disease. He recently went to a game between the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks. Brooks is from Atlanta, but the sick teen was seen wearing a Boston Celtics jersey. It looks like Boston player Marcus Smart was the one who invited Justice. But how did they meet?

Who Is Justice Brooks? What Happened To Him?

Yahoo Sports says that Justice Brooks and Marcus Smart met earlier this year on a platform for a donor registry. Brooks and Smart worked together on “Be The Match,” which helps people with life-threatening blood diseases like sickle cells find blood donors.

Who Is Justice Brooks
Who Is Justice Brooks

“I met Marcus through Be The Match. And we flew out to Boston, my mom and me. And we met him at his house,” Justice said. “We did a big media day. There was Boston news and different news outlets and we did different interviews together. Before we did any interviews, Marcus came down to meet me.”

Brooks went on:

“When we first met, he came to me, shook my hand, and started talking about basketball. Immediately it was like a genuine connection. We were talking like we had already known each other.”

In September, “Be The Match” told Smart about Justice’s struggle with sickle cell anemia. The young man was then invited to the Massachusetts home of the Boston Celtics star. As soon as the two basketball players got together to talk about basketball and other things they had in common, they formed a strong bond.

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Marcus Smart wants to help the teen find a donor whose blood type is the same as his now that they are friends. Unfortunately, Justice Brooks doesn’t have many chances of finding a donor with the same blood type. Sources say there is a 29% chance that a Black patient will find a matching donor. Brooks is still optimistic about his situation, even after the setback.

“He never allows his situation or what he’s going through to affect how he comes out to the world,” Smart said. “He’s always going to be him. He’s a loving person. He’s smiling all the time and he cares. He has every right to be down. But yet, he chooses to be up.”

Justice Brooks stays busy while he waits for the right person. Brooks can also be found streaming video games on Twitch when he’s not watching the NBA. The disease that the 19-year-old has had since he was 11 months old should hopefully be cured.

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