Who Is Lady Susan Hussey And How Much Is This Royal Family Member’s Net Worth?

Lady Susan Hussey has been a key member of the royal family for decades. For more than 60 years, she has been one of Queen Elizabeth II‘s ladies-in-waiting.

She was the late monarch’s longest-serving lady-in-waiting and was given the title “Woman of the Bedchamber.” She is also the godmother of the Prince of Wales. On Wednesday, she resigned from her position at the palace and apologized after a black charity founder at a reception said that Hussey repeatedly asked her where she “really came from.”

Who Is Lady Susan Hussey?

Lady Susan Hussey was born in 1939. She was the 12th Earl Waldegrave and Mary Hermione, Countess Waldegrave‘s fifth and youngest daughter. She is the sister of William Waldegrave, who was a Conservative cabinet minister in the past.

Who Is Lady Susan Hussey
Who Is Lady Susan Hussey

The 83-year-old started working for the royal family in 1960, the same year that the Queen had Prince Andrew, her third child.

At first, her job was to help answer letters, but because she knew how the palace worked, she was eventually moved into the inner circle of ladies-in-waiting. She was close with Queen Elizabeth II and would often go to Balmoral with her.

Lady-in-waiting jobs were usually given to wealthy aristocrats who didn’t get paid, but being a Woman of the Bedchamber was seen as a very important job.

She rode with the Queen in the royal Bentley to the funeral of Prince Philip, who died in April 2021 at the age of 99.

In September, Lady Susan also led the royal family at the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey.

She was made Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) in the 2013 Birthday Honours, and she also got several long service awards for her loyal service to the Queen.

The royal assistant is also a good friend of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. This month, she went to Egypt to attend the Cop27 reception. She is no longer one of the three Ladies of the Household, an honorary position she was given last week to help King Charles III with formal events.

Marmaduke Hussey was Lady Susan’s late husband. For 10 years, he led the BBC. He died aged 83 in 2006.

Her daughter, Lady Katherine Brooke, is good friends with the queen consort, and she was just named one of Camilla’s six new Queen Companions.

What Is Lady Susan Hussey’s Net Worth?

Hussey has been a royal courtier for a long time. It is thought that she is worth $1 million.

Is Lady Susan Hussey married?

She married Marmaduke Hussey on April 25, 1959. He later became Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC. They had two children: James Arthur (born in 1961) and Katharine Elizabeth (b. 1964).

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