Where To Watch The Indie Horror Film Skinamarink?

Skinamarink, an independent horror movie, is the latest horror video to go viral and take the internet by storm. Will the new buzzy movie be available on Netflix?

Skinamarink, which cost only $15,000 to make, is one of the latest horror movies to get a lot of attention for its creepy and unusual plot. From the film festival circuit, there has been a lot of talk about the movie. Since smaller horror movies like Smile and Terrifier 2 have done well, it seems like now is the best time for these indie movies to find bigger audiences.

Kyle Edward Ball wrote, produced, and directed Skinamarink, which is about two kids who wake up one night to find their dad gone and all the windows and doors in their house gone.

Will Skinamarink be on Netflix?

There are no plans for Skinamarink to be on Netflix right now. IFC Midnight got the rights to distribute the movie after it did well at several film festivals.

Where To Watch The Indie Horror Film Skinamarink?

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Where To Watch The Indie Horror Film Skinamarink?

For now, the only way to see Skinamarink is to check to see if it is playing in a theatre near you. The small independent movie was only shown in a few theatres by IFC Midnight, but it has already made more than $1 million at the box office. IFC released the movie in an extra 800 theatres because it did so well. But even if it hasn’t come out in your area yet, the movie will soon be on Shudder.

Fangoria says that Skinamarink will be on Shudder on February 2, 2023. Since people have been talking about the movie a lot, I think it will become even more popular when it can be streamed by more people.

Are you excited about seeing Skinamarink? Did you see the movie already in a theatre? Tell us what you think in the comments.