Is The Lazarus Project on Netflix?

The Lazarus Project starts tonight on TNT. What do you think about watching the show online? Will any of the episodes go to Netflix?

Everyone at TNT isn’t happy with how things are going. Since Warner Bros. and Discovery joined together, a lot of shows have been taken off the air. TNT’s scripted programming as a whole went away.

The Lazarus Project, on the other hand, is a new show that just started on the network. It’s a good name, since it’s the first original scripted show to air in a while. Even Snowpiercer Season 4, which has already been filmed, won’t air on TNT. It is a British show that has been bought.

Even though it will be shown on TNT on Monday nights, many people will want to know where they can stream it. Will Netflix get this new show with Paapa Essiedu in it? Where will you be able to watch it?

Netflix Will Not Stream The Lazarus Project

You won’t be able to stream the show on Netflix right now. As a TNT show, you can watch it on TNT On Demand after each new episode. For now, this is the only place to stream.

Is The Lazarus Project on Netflix
Is The Lazarus Project on Netflix

After that, there is a chance that episodes will move to HBO Max. This is how TNT shows usually work, but a lot has changed in the last few months. Just look at how Snowpiercer was taken off of HBO Max without much fuss last year.

Some TNT shows are going to Netflix around the world. Outside of the U.S., Snowpiercer became a Netflix Original. With this series, though, that won’t happen. The episodes will be available on Stack TV or the Global TV app in Canada. The show will go to Sky’s streaming service in the UK.

Are you curious about what Netflix has in store for you?  Check out the given links below-

The Lazarus Project Offical Trailer

What Is The Story of The Lazarus Project?

Is it going to be worth the chance to watch? Isn’t that what new shows are now? They are a gamble!

I think you like shows about secret societies and going back in time. George, the newest member of “The Lazarus Project,” is played by Essiedu. This secret group sends people back in time to fix things that went wrong and stop the end of the world. Those who are sent back can remember everything that happened.

George can’t go back in time to fix a freak accident that hurts someone close to him. This wasn’t a worldwide issue. So, George has to decide if he’s willing to risk his part in the project to save someone he cares about. What do you think? Leave your comment below.