When Is The Release Date of FORSPOKEN?

As a departure from Square Enix’s other large internal studios, Forspoken offers a new perspective. Former Final Fantasy developers have formed a new Square Enix firm called Luminous Productions to work on AAA titles. This new team, comprised of members from all over the world, uses the Luminous Engine that Square Enix developed for Final Fantasy 15 to create their own game. They then added a lot of wizard parkour to it. Excellent.

Forspoken, formerly known as Project Athia, has been gradually revealed, accumulating gameplay, story details, and a (variable) release date. But now we know what it will be called and when it will come out. Here is all we know about Forspoken, including the protagonist’s magical displacement and her arsenal of combat and parkour sorceries.

When Will Forspoken Be Released?

Forspoken’s new release date was announced on January 24, 2023. The game was initially scheduled for release in May 2022, but that date was pushed back to October of this year.

For “strategic reasons,” the publication of Forspoken has been delayed once again, as stated in the most recent statement. Although the precise meaning of this tweet is unknown, it does indicate that work on the game is nearing completion. This newest release date may be finalized if that’s the case.

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Forspoken Gameplay Trailer

August 2018 summary of 10 minutes of gameplay shows off Frey’s exploration of the open (and almost fully corrupted) realm of Athia in Forspoken. Frey, in the preview, accepts a sidequest in the central city of Cipal to get supplies for an artisan and then heads out into the woods to hurl handfuls of magic.

The range of Frey’s battle spells and magical parkour-style movement choices is on full display. Frey alternates between magic bolts, whips with energy tendrils and a summoned knife for the coup de grace finisher in some of the shown fights. Between battles, Frey can cover ground swiftly by using her power to let her run up walls, double-jump, and use the ground as a molten magical zipline. A compromise between Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

This unfolds in what appears to be a generic open-world setting, complete with towers that ding when you’re near points, activities worth discovering, and chests full of valuable items. With any luck, the enchanted toolset will prevent the usual fare from coming out as trite.

There’s some background information for this gameplay trailer, too. If you saw the responses to the shorter Forspoken clip that was shared on Twitter in early August, you might be surprised by how calm Frey is. Here, Frey’s near-terminal “yes, that just occurred” quippiness felt — to practically everyone who watched it — like the most repulsive writing cliches that spring to mind when thinking of the word “Whedonesque.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Square Enix toned down Frey’s zingers for the next video drop, leaving some worried about the game’s banter’s impact when it finally launches.

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What Other Forspoken Trailers Are There?

Frey Holland, played by voice and motion capture artist Ella Balinska, is introduced to us in the first trailer for Forspoken, which was released in March of 2021. The teaser opens with a cinematic showing a newly-isekai’d Frey reacting understandably distressed to the prospect of dealing with things like dragons and giant, terrifying wolf monsters. Then transition to our first look at Forspoken’s magical parkour as Frey flies across badlands and woodlands.

Since we’re being sincere, there isn’t a tonne of story information in this tale introduction trailer from the 2021 PlayStation showcase. We are introduced to Frey’s friend Cuff, a sentient wristlet with an English accent, and given a glimpse of Frey’s existence before he is thrust into a fantasy world (primarily defined by seeking a different one). Later, we hear Frey seemingly being recruited for political assassination through snippets of combat games. Sure, that will get refined over time.

Who’s The Main Character In Forspoken?

Frey Holland, portrayed by Ella Balinska, is Forspoken’s hero. Balinska reveals in the teaser that she is “a young woman in a lovely yet scary environment.” Additionally, Balinska has stated that Frey is a character with whom she “instantly connected” and that she is doing both the motion capture and vocal work for Frey in Forspoken.


Since Frey is a “gritty yet street-savvy young woman” plucked out of New York City and dropped into the nightmare fantasy realm of Athia, that place is twice as dangerous as it seems at first. Fortunately, her arrival in Athia coincides with the development of magical skills that will serve her well in her struggle to reach the Tantas, the “twisted all-powerful matriarchs” who rule the world. She has to get rid of them.

Frey’s footwear, which didn’t belong in a fantasy game, was the first item we saw in the initial Forspoken video. OK, so now you know why she’s sporting footwear. This feels like it could be an “isekai” narrative, a popular Japanese genre in which real-life people are whisked away to a fantastical realm. Like, say, Space Jam.

Who’s Working on Forspoken?

The firm behind the game, Luminous Productions, has brought in some big names to help with the narrative. Gary Whitta (the former editor of PC Gamer), Amy Hennig (a seasoned veteran at Naughty Dog), Allison Rymer, and Todd Stashwick (all Star Wars writers) are among these authors. Given Square Enix’s resources, you can anticipate a story-focused experience.

Bear McCreary, who scored God of War (2018), has also been confirmed to work on Forspoken.

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