What SK And Raven Have Said on Cheating Rumors After ‘Love Is Blind’ Proposal

Love Is Blind stars SK Alagbada and Raven Ross are officially over after a proposal, a wedding that didn’t happen, a reunion, and another proposal.

The former couple met while filming the third season of the Netflix dating show. Contestants must date and get engaged while communicating in pods, so they don’t see their potential life partners in person until they are already involved.

What SK And Raven Have Said on Cheating Rumors
What SK And Raven Have Said on Cheating Rumors

Alagbada and Ross were one of five couples who got engaged on Love Is Blind Season 3, but Alagbada shocked Ross and everyone else in the room when he said “no” to marrying his co-star on their wedding day.

Ross and Alagbada confirmed in the November 2022 reunion episode that they were back together and in a long-distance relationship. The groom explained his answer by saying he was about to move from Dallas, where Ross lives, to California for school.

On “Love Is Blind,” there was a picture of Raven Ross and SK Alagbada on their wedding day. Alagbada told her, “I don’t,” when he moved to California, but they later got back together and started a long-distance relationship. NETFLIX

Then, on Friday, Netflix put out three After the Altar episodes that took place a year after the weddings of the Season 3 cast of Love Is Blind. These episodes were filmed before the reunion episode aired in November.

Throughout the episodes, Alagbada and Ross seemed to be going strong. In the third episode, Alagbada asks Ross to marry him (for the second time) in a romantic proposal.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that their second engagement was over. Ross said that her ex-cheating fiances was the reason for the breakup.

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