What Is The Browns Mascot? Know About Cleveland’s Brownie The Elf

One of the most iconic figures in Cleveland’s sports is finally recognized after all these years. Most individuals won’t know about Brownie the Elf since it has been over 76 years since this mascot was first introduced. But the official Browns mascot is making the news again after Brownie has been welcomed back “as the team’s midfield logo.” Fans were excited to see Brownie returning after such a long break; it has been a historic moment in sports history. So, here is all you need to know about the Browns mascot.

What Is The Browns Mascot, The Famous Brownie The Elf?

The beloved mascot of Browns, Brownie the Elf is a mythical creature in reality that had been derived from English and Scottish folklore. To define its full glory, this is actually an elf or fairy that stays in one’s house. They tend to take their form during the nighttime and help the individuals with the usual chores all around the home. In fact, you can consider it to be your perfect roommate.

What Is The Browns Mascot?
What Is The Browns Mascot?

To take a deeper look at the history of Brownie the Elf, it dates back to the early 16th century. The British fairy lore blogger and author said that Brownies reference was first made in 1522. “He’s a small, hairy … creature that lives in houses and farms with people,” “He undertakes a range of domestic and agricultural chores on the understanding that he gets free board and lodging from the humans.” “Any gift of clothes really distresses him. It’s seen as an insult or some sort of subjection,” “The usual result of this is that he’ll undo everything he’s done, make a mess in the house, then leave forever.” Check Former NFL player Kevin Ware Jr.

So, a long history is involved with this whole Brownie the Elf mascot case. Moreover, its historical reference is also commendable.

Now, for the Browns, it is different. The connection of Brownie the Elf to the Browns dates back to the time when the Browns were found. In the 1940s, Browns were just founded and it has been leaving marks on the All-American Football Conference. When the team met the owner Arthur McBride, he was extremely satisfied with the team’s success and decided to work on its off-field visibility to ensure its worldwide fame. Arthur requested all the citizens of Cleveland to design something of their own and submit the mascot logos. Without any further ado, the citizens presented their best work and finally, Brownie the Elf was finalized.

McBride picked Brownie the Elf to represent the team as its mascot and the rest has been considered to be history. However, it is still not known who is actually the creator but the concept and illustration have been admired. The mascot has been on the tickets and merchandise ever since then. Also, Check NFL Head Coach Todd Bowles 37.

However, Art Modell was the one who uprooted Brownie the Elf and dissociated with the history of the Browns. While talking to a reporter, he said, “My first official act as the owner of the Browns,” “will be to get rid of that little f—er.”

In 1961, Modell did remove any association of the team with Brownie the Elf. And after that, Brownie the Elf is back again in 2022 and who knows what good luck it has to offer to the team.

The Return of Brownie The Elf: The NFL Season Will See More of the Mascot

An online poll was previously conducted, asking the fans about the logo that must be used for the 2022 NFL season home games. And guess who the winner was? Brownie the Elf was revealed at the FirstEnergy Stadium as the new midfield logo. The newest Brownie’s caricature  “spans the 45-yard lines horizontally, exceeds the hash marks vertically, and can be easily spotted from airplanes passing overhead”.

What Is The Browns Mascot?

Myles Garrett, the Cleveland pass-rusher said, “I don’t know what to think about it,”  “It’s original, it’s unique. But I’ve always been more of a fan of the dog. I mean, we’re the Dawg Pound, but we’ve got an elf?” “I think we’re a little confused about what route we want to go creatively.”

Thus, Brownie the Elf had its comeback and we are hopeful to see this iconic mascot throughout the season. Many of the fans may not have known about the history of the mascot until today. As the NFL season is beginning soon, we are eager to see if Brownie the Elf will be lucky for the Browns or not. Are you looking forward to seeing Brownie the Elf soon enough? We are definitely thrilled to see what more is coming the way of the Browns. Let’s start the NFL season soon enough. 

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