Twitch Begins Testing Paid ‘Elevated Chat’ Feature

Twitch will start testing a way for its chat users to get more attention. The “experiment” is called “Elevated Chat,” and it’s meant to let users boost their chat messages for a certain amount of time for a one-time fee. The fees are broken up into five different tiers, with fees ranging from $5 to $100 for 30 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes. The Twitch “elevated chats” look a lot like YouTube’s “super chats.”

“A limited number of channels” on the platform can use the feature right now. The option to “elevate” a chat may be at the top of the chat or the bottom of a video. A user can buy an “Elevated Chat” based on how long they want their message to stay on top.

Twitch Paid Elevated Chat Feature
Twitch Paid Elevated Chat Feature

Game Developer says that more than one person can have their chat message elevated at the same time, but it works on a “first-come, first-served” basis and is “managed by streamers and moderators.” When a chat message is posted, moderators can either “timeout” the user or ban them. If a user’s comment is taken down, they won’t be able to get a refund or make someone else’s chat message more important.

Creators will get 70% of the money made by the experiment and 30% of the rest. Thursday, the Twitch test began on channels that were able to take part. It will last for about four weeks. It will be available in the US and Germany, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico, among other places.

Streamers who are taking part in the test, which lasts for four weeks and is now live, will see a new chevron icon next to the cheer button in chat.

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