Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8: As losses mount for Marley and Eldia, “Assassin’s Bullet” sadly examines the price of war. However, the previous episode saw the Warriors in Marley lose even more significant people to Gabi, Reiner, and the rest of Marley. However, Attack on Titan doesn’t even give Marley time to grieve.

“Assassin’s Bullet” makes careful to respect the member of the Survey Corps who dies appropriately. This season’s focus has been on perspective, and it’s fascinating to see how Attack on Titan handles these characters in a way that naturally influences which characters the audience is encouraged to connect with.

Marley’s residents aren’t allowed to mourn their losses, but as Gabi’s resentment erupts, their anguish crystallizes in a way that’s even more frightening. Even if Gabi is the one who fires the shot that ends someone’s life, the bullet was started much earlier by another person.

The most recent Attack on Titan episode emphasizes how many figurative assassins are to blame for the most recent consequences, and it appears that many more shots are likely to be fired. “Assassin’s Bullet” takes a break after two episodes of nonstop action to regain its breath. But this isn’t only a slower episode; it also gives everyone a sense of foreboding.

There are numerous instances where images linger of persons gazing affectionately at one another or on the Survey Corps giving one another long hugs. This episode’s emphasis on emotion is unusual for Attack on Titan and is a huge warning sign that trouble is imminent. Once Gabi decides to join Eldia’s airship, all of these components come together to provide the intensity that the title “Assassin’s Bullet” is meant to evoke.

“Assassin’s Bullet” celebrates warm character portraits and close-ups of intimacy, yet it also uses these same methods to convey dissatisfaction. Levi’s tirade on how much he despises Eren’s face and how it’s become a symbol of frustration counterbalances scenes in which characters enthusiastically smile upon rejoining their group.

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Eren losing the support of his buddies is a fresh viewpoint that this Attack on Titan episode introduces for the show’s story and characters. Watching Levi lash out at Eren and treat him like a spoiled brat is weirdly soothing because it is precisely how he behaved in Liberio. It’s significant to see Eren’s support workers beginning to go since this strategy works.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8
Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8

Even if it’s early, it doesn’t seem too far off that Eren will attempt to overthrow him with the help of the Survey Corps or that he will force everyone to submit to his authority. Leave Eldia and Marley alone. It might quickly turn into a situation where everyone is against Eren. Another clever detail is that, like the residents of Marley, the audience believes that Eldia is responsible for the violent attack. Still, in reality, Eren’s superiority complex drove him to act out of character.

It’s a beautiful idea to disclose that Levi currently despises Eren because this is the first time we see Eren and Levi together in the four years that have passed since the conclusion of season three. The Survey Corps starts to develop apathy, which makes the revelation that Zeke has secretly collaborated with Levi and the Survey Corps hit much harder. This relationship indicates a higher degree of deception and planning.

Every character seems three or four steps ahead of the others, waiting for different people and circumstances to come together for them to proceed. Additionally, it makes what was already a mystery season even more so, where nothing can be taken at face value and one side’s setback can be a part of a bigger scheme that hasn’t fully come to pass. Watching the series push the Gabi hero story even further is incredibly thrilling.

Gabi’s invasion of the airship is a direct retaliation to Eren. At her age, she’s already accomplished more than Eren did. She is a prodigy on par with a few Survey Corps members. This cyclical and generational struggle is another element of this season that is so thematically satisfying. Her monologue to Falco is reminiscent of Eren’s first moments in the series.

When Gabi yells that she’s going to murder all of those island monsters, much like Eren did with her people in the first episode, I got chills. Eren is considerably more challenging to read than Gabi, whose suffering and desires are apparent. His character seems to be changing after Sasha’s death, either for the better or for him to enhance his numbness.

Sasha’s final words are “flesh,” which are incredibly painful and serve as the ideal tribute to her persona. One of the most moving scenes from the entire season is in “Assassin’s Bullet,” when Eren’s psyche seems broken by Sasha’s final words. It is a fantastic work in terms of character development and Eren’s vocal performance. He loses a part of himself here, and it’s irreversible.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Even though the bulk of the episode takes place on the airship traveling to Paradis Island, Gabi ultimately steals the show. But what’s particularly intriguing is how much Eren’s mentality from season one can be found in her. She shares Eren’s blind wrath and loathing for her nemesis and clings to the belief that she will exact revenge no matter what. Although she may have different ideals, it is evident that the Marleyian forces are meant to resemble the Nazis.

Just like the Germans during World War II, these soldiers merely carried out their duties, as shown by the red and yellow armbands and uniforms intended to display this. Those people, except Himmler and the SS, were pure evil. But I digress.

In the end, a lot of people are going to despise Gabi for what she did. She killed Lobov with a mid-air no-scope shot, which was understandably a bit unbelievable, but if this season has taught us anything, we need to consider both sides of an issue. Both Gabi’s home and her pals were devastated.

She has been brainwashed at a young age to believe that the devils on Paradis Island are inherently evil. She is prepared to give her life in defense of her convictions, and as history has often demonstrated, beliefs have great force and, when provoked, can result in violence. The final season of Attack on Titan does a fantastic job of illustrating these concepts.

The way these are juxtaposed against the atrocities of war finally demonstrates that there aren’t any actual winners in this situation. It would be intriguing to see if Gabi and Falco are persuaded to change their allegiances and join them in the decisive battle by those on Paradis Island.

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